Simple One-Pot Dinner Ideas

When you get home from a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is break out all your pots and pans and do some serious cooking – and when leftovers just aren’t there for you to reheat, you need some meals you can whip up easily.

That’s where one-pot meals come in. Using just a single piece of cookware, you can create a tasty dinner while also cutting back on the washing up.

Interested? Then here are five easy one-pot dinner ideas for you to try…

Chilli Macaroni Cheese

No matter how old you are, a warm bowl of macaroni cheese is never not comforting. Similarly, we can’t think of a cosier, warming dish than chilli. So why not combine the two?

That’s exactly what this recipe does. Spicy, flavoursome chilli combines with creamy macaroni cheese for an indulgent midweek meal that only requires a single pot to make. Better yet, you can freeze portions of this chilli macaroni cheese to enjoy throughout the week.

Chicken, Kale & Mushroom Pot Pie

Great for sharing, a warm, savoury pot pie is perhaps the tastiest and most comforting one-pot meal you’ll try. Add in some veg and protein and you’ve got yourself a substantial and satisfying dinner for the whole family.

This chicken, kale and mushroom pot pie recipe ticks all the boxes above. Despite its appearance, it’s incredibly simple to make, addicting and sure to become your go-to one-pot recipe.

Creamy Lemon and Spinach Ravioli

Pasta is another dish that’s perfect for making in a single pot. Toss in all your desired ingredients along with the noodles, and your dinner’s already ready, no extra prep required.

This creamy lemon and spinach ravioli is as easy and simple to make as that, as you just need store-bought ravioli, vegetable stock, frozen veg, cheese and a zested and juiced lemon.

This is a dish suitable for vegetarians, but even non-vegetarians will enjoy this creamy and nutritious one-pot meal.

Tomato Orzo

If you have a surplus of tomatoes you’re looking to use up, or if you want to work toward achieving your five-a-day, then give this tomato orzo recipe a go. It consists of orzo pasta, a wholesome tomato-based sauce and a garnish of fresh parsley and parmesan.

In addition to being packed with veg, this one-pot pasta dish is low in both calories and fat, making it a nutritional option to add to the dinner table.

Prawn and Noodle Stir-Fry

Because they can be made in a single wok or pan, stir-fries are the ultimate one-pot dish. And because they’re so easy to make and can be customised to your heart’s desire, we’re certain they’ll become your favourite one-pot dish to make. This prawn and noodle stir-fry combines silky egg noodles, crispy pak choi and savoury king prawns for a delicious Asian-inspired meal you can rustle up in minutes. It’s also got enough of a Sriracha kick for the chilli aficionado while still being mild enough for everyone

Until next time…