Simple Summer Breakfast Ideas

Feeling pretty fed up of the same old breakfasts? Well, you don’t have to opt for cereal or toast again – not if you don’t want to. Simple and tasty summer breakfast ideas are coming right up, with our aim to ensure everyone can feel inspired to get into the kitchen. Read on…

Banana & Kiwi Smoothie

The best thing about summer breakfasts like this one is that you can get it ready ahead of time, blitzing it in the blender before you set off for work and sipping it on the go. We found this recipe for a banana and kiwi smoothie on the Kitchn website – and we think it makes a delicious alternative to fruit and yoghurt.

Overnight Oats

Are you someone who’s always rushing around in the morning? If so, use the time you have in the evening to get started making a delicious summer breakfast for yourself. Overnight oats are perfect, as you don’t need to do too much at all to ensure you have a healthy meal to start your day.

The BBC Good Food recipe advises you to stir cinnamon and a pinch of salt with 100ml of water or milk into your oats, before leaving them overnight.  The next day, you simply loosen the mixture with some more water or milk and top with yoghurt, berries and a drizzle of honey. You can use nut butter instead of the honey, if you prefer. Choose a mix of seasonal fruits or go for a summery, Wembley-inspired breakfast with strawberries and plenty of milk.

Herb Omelette with Fried Tomatoes

Now here’s another breakfast recipe that’s ideal for vegetarians! Also available in BBC Good Food’s archive, this herb omelette with fried tomatoes makes use of just five ingredients. It doesn’t take long to make, either, meaning you can try it during the week, as well as at the weekend. A healthy choice, it features plenty of tomatoes and parsley.

‘Flower Power Sunny-Side Eggs’

Yes, this is vegetarian-friendly too, but you can always add chopped bacon or ham if you’re a meat eater. We found the recipe on the Good Housekeeping site and we love the look of this breakfast almost as much as we love tucking into it. Give this summer breakfast a try; we bet it’ll soon become one of your go-to morning meals.

French Toast for Beginners

That’s right; anyone can try this French toast recipe – it’s that easy. The great thing about this breakfast is it’s easy to make and satisfies a sweet tooth, if you add a drizzle of honey or fruit. Maple syrup is always a good idea instead of honey, but it is more indulgent in terms of calories. If you’re not a confident cook, this YouTube video is the one for you, as you can follow it while you get busy in the kitchen.

Will you be giving any of these simple summer breakfasts a try?

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