Spicy Dishes for Those Who Like it Mild

From traditional fish and chips to a flaming hot vindaloo, it’s safe to say we all like something different when it comes to food.

While a vast majority of foodies can handle and enjoy foods with a bit of heat, some enjoy milder dishes. Here are just a few quick and easy recipes if you fancy trying your hand at making your own ‘milder’ meals.

When it comes to spicy food, curry is often the top pick for flavour fans, but if you’re not inclined to gulp down a glass of water with every mouthful, fear not, as curry comes in a range of spicy flavours, with the korma often being the top pick for those who are new to the food or perhaps have a sensitive palate.

If you fancy avoiding the calories that often come with takeaway curries, you can quite easily make your own in around an hour and change the sauce depending on your own tastes, with those who prefer something lighter and milder often choosing to make theirs with almonds.

If this sounds up your street, the basic ingredients you’ll need are cubed chicken breasts, ground almonds, cinnamon powder and ginger. That said, you can add any extra herbs and spices depending on just how spicy you want your dish to be.

If you’re more into your pork, you can easily add just a hint of spice to your dish by using a simple marinade. A variety of pork dishes often take as little as 15 minutes to follow, making it a perfect dinner dish as well as an ideal serving suggestion when hosting friends or family. While pork itself might be considered a little bland, the trick here is to lightly marinade the meat – strips of tenderloin fillet sliced into strips – in cumin and paprika.

Like a good stir fry? A Szechuan stir fry can be made as mild or as hot as you like. It can also be made with whichever meat or poultry you prefer.

While most Szechuan stir fry dishes tend to have a bit of a kick. But if you don’t use pepper flakes (or you use as few as them to suit your taste) and perhaps swap chilis or peppers for other, lighter veggies, you can quickly and easily lower the ferocity and heat of the dish.

Anyone who doesn’t like or doesn’t eat meat also doesn’t need to miss out on a little bit of flavour either. Why not try making some vegan tofu tacos?

With a prep time of just 15 minutes and a cooking time of 20, this meal is quick and easy, and its spicier ingredients can be reduced or increased depending on just how mild or hot you’d like you food to be.

The basic ingredients you’ll need are package firm tofu that’s drained, pat dry and diced, together with low sodium white beans, Swiss chard, chili powder and whichever spices you prefer, though turmeric tends to be a popular choice.

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