Spring Cleaning Special: Laundry Hacks You’ll Love

It’s our business here at My Appliances to make your life easier. Whether that’s via top tips direct from this very blog, or by way of a nifty appliance or two from our site, we endeavour to ensure the days run that little bit smoother for you.

So here on the blog today, we have some handy laundry hacks you can put to good use when you embark on that spring clean you may or may not have been putting off. Read on…

Dealing with Stubborn Stains?

If it’s a grease stain, simply rub some chalk over it before the wash and it will get absorbed during the cycle – who knew?!

For non-greasy-looking stains, try some washing up liquid. Squirt a little on the offending mark, let it sink in for an hour or two and then chuck the garment in the wash as usual.

Vinegar is also a great aid for tackling stubborn stains. Mix it with equal parts water and soak stained clothing before you ring it out and add it to the washing machine.

Speed Up Laundry Day – the Easy Way

Few of us enjoy doing the laundry, but there are plenty of ways you can speed up the process. Head to the Thrifty Little Mom site for five fun ways to make doing the weekly wash much quicker.

Create a Laundry Room You Love

Do you have a Pinterest account? The site is brimming with inspiration when it comes to home décor. So why not create a board or two and ‘Pin’ your favourite pics to it?

Half the battle with household chores is simply not having the right set-up in which to make the task easier. So, transform your utility room into an organised, laundry haven and trust us when we say you’ll be much happier about doing this regular and necessary job.

Who knew there was a right way to fold your clothes?

We certainly didn’t, but this blog offers all the info you need to avoid those annoying bumps in your clothing you get when you’ve folded or hung them wrong. Prepare to be enlightened!

Discover Why Lavender Oil Will Aid Your Wash…

Lavender essential oil can actually benefit your laundry! The House of Smiths shares more info on this handy tip – head over to the site for more.

Dry Your Clothes the ‘Old-Fashioned’ Way

We know it’s tempting to use the drier after your weekly wash, but if the weather’s fine, save yourself some money by drying your clothes outside. Nothing beats the fresh smell of laundry that’s had chance to dry in your garden – and there are plenty of tips on the Creative Cain Cabin site to make the process easier for you.

So, which of these tips will you be trying first? We’d love to know; comment on this piece to let us know, and don’t forget to share your own laundry hacks.

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Until next time…

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