Summer Holiday Foodie Activities

Make the most of your kids’ summer holiday by getting them involved in creative and engaging activities around the house, such as gardening or cooking. Foodie activities are the perfect summer activity, as they can be both entertaining and educational for little minds.

From baking cakes to prepping ingredients, there are many ways to get your children in on the foodie fun. So roll up your sleeves, tie on your pinnies and read on…

Food Prep

Teach your children important life skills early on by encouraging them to pitch in with daily food prep. Whether it’s peeling and slicing fruits and veg or helping stir sauces and soups on the hob, their cooking skills and confidence are sure to increase.  

You can start off with simple recipes that require minimal prep, such as salads or fruit skewers. If your kids are older or have more cooking confidence, then you can introduce more complex recipes, such as pasta dishes or stir-fries.

No matter your children’s ages, though, ensure you’re around to provide guidance and supervision.

Bake a Cake

We can’t think of a more classic foodie activity than baking a cake. There are plenty of opportunities for your kids’ creativity and curiosity to be unleashed, from measuring out ingredients to decorating the finished product.

To start simple, try making vanilla or chocolate fudge cupcakes. They’re easy to whip up, and even easier to decorate. Don’t forget to provide hundreds and thousands, icing and other decorations for your kids.

Fancying a bit more than tiny cupcakes? Then give this colourful school-days sprinkle sponge cake recipe a try.

Grow Your Own Ingredients

Gardening can be both educational and enjoyable for the entire family. Plus, when you grow your own fruits, vegetables and herbs, eating them afterwards is all the more satisfying. Not only that, but you’ll encourage healthier eating habits.

Get the kids involved in every step of the gardening process, from preparing the soil to sowing the seeds and watering the plants. Your little ones will learn about the importance of nature, the growth process of plants and the value of patience.

Make Ice Cream

Making ice cream at home is surprisingly simple. There’s also a little bit of science involved, so this foodie activity is as educational as it is fun.

Recipes and measurements vary, but you’ll need, at the very minimum whole milk, white sugar, vanilla extract and rock salt, along with Ziploc bags, a bucket and plenty of ice. This recipe walks you through creating your own vanilla ice cream in a bag – no magic involved, just science and patience!

Open Your Own Pretend Restaurant

Here’s another exciting at-home activity: creating your own pretend restaurant.

Have a little fun with it. Your kids can decide on a restaurant theme, then decorate a paper tablecloth and placemats to match that theme. Create a sign with your pretend restaurant’s name, decide on a menu and, most importantly, place your orders and start cooking.

Pizza, sushi and pasta are some easy-to-make dish ideas for your pretend restaurant. Don’t forget the dessert!

Until next time…