The All American Milkshake Maker

We came across a stand at the BBC Good Food Show that looked very interesting, so we stopped to have a listen to the demonstration going on.

The demo was advertising the All American Milkshake Maker Whizzy Whisk which will solve all your problems of not being able to whip up foods and drinks in a short amount of time.

It really does take no longer than 30 seconds to whisk up your favourite coffee drinks, custards, whipped cream and so much more!

Use hot milk, warm milk, cold milk that doesn’t matter’

‘If you want your milk to froth the kind you use does make a difference depending on the type of texture you want’

For a butter cream it is best to use full fat milk, for a frothy coffee it is best to use skimmed or semi skimmed milk. Soya, rice milk, any milk is fine.

Then just 30 seconds whisking with the appliance that requires no plugging in or batteries, you have frothy milk that is so full of air and volume. With this you can make the most perfect cappuccinos, lattes and frappes.

The whisk is also fantastic for whipping up scrambled eggs and omelettes in record timing or getting the biggest and fluffiest Yorkshire Puddings you can imagine.

‘Made of stainless steel, never rusts, never tarnishes, it will last you a lifetime’

This whisk can last for a long time, due to its stainless steel finish. Cleaned properly and regularly, it will see you through years of whipping and whisking!

‘The cleaning is so easy. If you have a dishwasher, it will go on the top shelf. Or hot water and washing up liquid in the sink, rinse it, swirl it, bounce it up and down and it’s clean’

It really is as simple as that. You don’t need to spend time scrubbing away, just a few pumps of the handle and it is sparkling clean again. What could be more stress free than a whisk that does all the hard work itself?!

You can purchase these whisks here so go check them out, they really are an investment!

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