The Kitchen of the Future: What Will it Look Like?

With technology advancing at its current rate, we’d be forgiven here at My Appliances for reckoning that by 2030 (at the latest, surely?!) we’ll all be travelling to work by hover board. The fact is, in today’s rapidly moving digital world, few of us settle for anything less than optimum convenience.

We won’t go anywhere without our mobile phones and heaven forbid we have to actually step out of the car to order McDonalds. Only drive-throughs will do and we’re becoming a nation that expects convenience at every given opportunity – we don’t even have to enter our pin number into the debit card machines in shops and supermarkets, thanks to contactless payment.

Technological advancements dictate our every move; from how we take our coffee (from a fancy coffee machine, no less) to what we put on our Christmas wish list. So, we have to wonder what the kitchen of the future will look like, seeing as it probably features the highest number of appliances, when compared to other rooms in the house.


Your All-singing, All-dancing Future Kitchen Awaits…

What can we expect from the all-singing, all-dancing ‘future kitchen’, then? The Concept Kitchen 2025 was a pop-up exhibit which featured at EXPO Milano 2015. On display at the event was all manner of fancy new gadgets, and the onus wasn’t on your kitchen and its appliances doing all the work for you, but the idea that, thanks to new technology, we can all make thoughtful decisions about how we prepare food in the hub of the home.

Meanwhile, IKEA has released its take on the future kitchen too; the brand says that by 2025, the most-used room in the home will look extremely different.

Food Waste Will Be No More

With an aim to reduce food waste, IKEA talks about plans for its Table for Living – which offers a quick and easy recipe when ingredients which are about to go off are placed on it. The whole recipe will show up on the table, so there really will be no need to risk your iPad getting spattered with food on the counter top.

Do you own a pantry? IKEA’s take on the store cupboard is a more modern version; it’ll simply be a refrigerator minus its doors, to help give you an idea of what’s about to expire and what you can use to easily whip up the evening’s meals.


Of course, appliances will become more high-tech too. Jam-packed with features, our range will be even more hardworking than it is now, seamlessly slotting into family life and helping you get more enjoyment out of cooking for the family. You’ll still be able to coordinate your appliances with your colour scheme but cookers, hobs and washing machines will come with a wealth of space-saving and time-saving benefits.

How do you envision the kitchen of the future? And what would you like to see in your own kitchen? How will it help you and your family live a more streamlined life? Don’t forget to join the conversation over on our Facebook page.

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