Top 5 Kitchen Gifts for the New Year

Ever wanted to kit out your kitchen with fancy new appliances and gadgets for the new year?

Here at My Appliances we have been dreaming up our New Year Wish List with all the appliances that we would like have…


Range Cookers

Range Cookers are always the talking point of any kitchen and are perfect for big family geatherings. You are able to cook multiple dishes at once with various different capacities and the many rings on the hob means you have plenty of room for boiling and frying also!

Range Cooker


Twin Zone Oven

Twin Zone Ovens are brilliant and are basically 2 ovens in the space of one! It works with a divider in the oven seperating the two fanned zones that can operate independently. This means that each zone can have a different temperature in each cavity. Now if this isn’t the oven you want for 2015, then I don’t know what is!

Twin Zone Oven


Wine Cooler

If you aren’t keen on going dry for January, pick yourself up one of our brilliant wine coolers and see the new year in with a chilled bottle of wine! Our dual zone wine coolers can also give you two different temperatures so you can cool your white wine at the same time as keeping your red wine at the perfect room temperature.

Wine cooler


Warming Drawer

Warming Drawers are brilliant if you are having a dinner party and don’t want to disappoint your guests with hot food on a cold plate, they are brilliant also if you are using up space in your oven warming your plates up for a family meal. Our warming drawer can fit perfectly into your kitchen units.

Warming Drawer


Coffee Machine

This is just the appliance you need this cold January. After a long day, what could be better than coming in from the cold and sipping on a lovely coffee made in your very own Coffee Machine? These are extremely sleek and stylish and will look great in any modern kitchen.

Coffee Machine


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