Weekend Treats and Eats You’ll All Enjoy

Everybody deserves a ‘cheat meal’ every so often. Since most of us spend much of our lives at work or in the gym, a good dose of comfort food can be as satisfying as a great night’s sleep, reaching the end of that mammoth novel, or even accomplishing a huge personal goal. So, why not treat yourself and the family this weekend – after all, you deserve it.

To help you on your way  to a delicious home-cooked meal, we’re rounding up some of the tastiest-looking cheat meals we’ve spotted on this here Internet.

‘The World’s Tastiest Burger’

You’ve got to be a confident cook to label your burger ‘the world’s tastiest’, but that’s probably because it is – or at least it looks like it is. The Lovin Dublin site has plenty of recipes and we liked the look of this one, since it’s easy to make and (probably) tastes as amazing as it looks.

The key ingredient, aside from the beef patty, is cheese. Yum! Will you be giving this one a go this weekend?

Next Level Spaghetti Bolognese

Another recipe that knows it’s tasty…this ‘Next level bolognese’ can be found on the BBC Good Food site. Simple to prepare and cook and absolutely delicious, it makes use of some essential supermarket ingredients and packs a punch on the comfort food barometer.

Fillet Steak Flambé

We always turn to Jamie Oliver and his jam-packed website of recipes when we want to make a ‘wow’ dish. And this fillet steak flambé looks like just the thing for a weekend treat. Devised by Jamie Oliver for Johnny Vegas, who first ate this dish when he was filming in Cape Town at a steakhouse called The Nelson’s Eye, the recipe is simple and the outcome extremely tasty.

Now that the barbecue is packed away for another year, it looks like we’ll have to do this one on the stove – but when something’s this delicious, we really don’t mind.

French Onion Soup Pasta

French onion soup as a pasta, you say? You better believe it! Good Housekeeping magazine has the recipe and it looks like a real weekend winner.

And Here’s Something for Desert…

Is there anything better than warm apple pie in the autumn? We think not. So, why not try this proper apple pie recipe, also via Good Housekeeping – and don’t forget to let us know what you think.

We’d love to try this with a dollop of ice cream, but how about making your own custard? Hearty, warming and perfect for the season, apple pie is a real treat any day.

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