Will you take the ‘Veg Pledge’ in November?

Ever considered going veggie? More and more people are saying ‘no’ to eating meat and ‘yes’ to following a vegetarian lifestyle – is it something you’re keen on doing too? If so, November could be the perfect time to give it a go, with ‘Veg Pledge’ – set up to raise vital funds for Cancer Research UK – urging everyone to go veggie during the month.

The awareness day is an important occasion on the food calendar. If you decide to take the ‘Veg Pledge’ – and only eat veggie food throughout the month of November – you’ll be helping to fund life-saving research to beat cancer sooner. Sign up via the link above and pick up fundraising ideas, top tips and plenty of recipes.

Why go veggie?

There are plenty of pros to going veggie – and Healthline lays them out over here. Of course, as with any lifestyle choice like this, there are some cons – it’s all about making an informed decision and one which complements you, your lifestyle and your family. In the link above – a beginner’s guide to going veggie – you’ll find out why it could benefit your health, as well as the obvious positives for the environment.

Is a veggie diet a bland one?

Lots of people worry that a veggie or vegan diet means dull, bland food – and that isn’t the case at all. In 2022, supermarkets and grocers are more than set up to help you shop for your veggie or vegan lifestyle. Get creative with recipes and ingredients and see what you can come up with. By combining the right herbs, spices and other impactful flavours into your food, you can enjoy delicious meals and snacks every day.

How do I fundraise for Veg Pledge?

So, you’ve weighed up the pros and cons of going veggie…now, how do you fundraise for Cancer Research’s Veg Pledge? The site offers plenty of top tips, including hosting a veggie dinner party in return for a donation to the charity, share your online Just Giving page on your social networks, cook a veggie or vegan dish for your work colleagues in exchange for sponsorship, or ask your friends and family to donate – if they can.

If you’re short of time, you don’t have to plan dinner parties or other sponsored veggie-related events. Instead, just eat veggie food for a month – swapping the usual meat or fish-filled sandwich you take to work each day for a veggie one and forgoing your evening meal of, say, beef casserole or chicken curry for a veggie alternative.

Need some inspiration of what to cook for your evening meals during November? Find all sorts of tempting veggie recipes online and see if they convert you to into a fully-fledged veggie.

Will you be taking the Veg Pledge next month? Let us know how you get on by commenting on this blog post, below.

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