Why the World’s Gone Mad for Mrs Hinch

Many of us drag our feet when it comes to cleaning our homes. If you’re nodding your head in agreement, prepare to have your mind blown with this concept: some people LOVE ensuring their abode is spic and span!

Don’t believe us? Just look at Essex-based ‘Mrs Hinch’ – a cleaning fanatic who’s recently shot to nationwide fame after creating her Instagram account just a few short months ago.

What’s the reason for her rise to online sensation status? No, it isn’t a plethora of drool-worthy holiday snaps, but – believe it or not – her cleaning tips.

Using the moniker @mrshinch_x_, 28-year-old Essex housewife Mrs Hinch (real name Sophie Hinchcliffe) has seen her follower count grow practically overnight. Since this past September, her account underwent a spectacular rise from 80,000 followers to 770,000 – and it’s certainly for good reason. Here’s a snapshot of her Instagram posts…

She makes cleaning fun (madness, eh?). Her mainly greyscale posts don’t immediately catch the eye — though you’ll definitely note that her home is certainly well kept. It’s in her Instagram stories, though, that the magic unfolds. Here, she shares her budget tips for cleaning her home so it becomes the squeaky-clean thing you see in her posts. Deep cleaning? Check. Organising your cleaning supplies? Check.

So why HAS the world become infatuated with Mrs Hinch? How can anyone find cleaning fun? Her Instagram stories are informative on their own, but it’s Mrs Hinch herself who really sells her success. Watching her stories can have you laughing aloud at her sparkling, chatty personality. You’ll never be bored watching any of her videos – and there’s something quite therapeutic about sitting back and watching Mrs Hinch talk. You definitely can’t resist her affinity for naming her cleaning supplies. Her fans – the so-called Hinch Army – will know her cleaning product wardrobe as her ‘Narnia.’

What’s more, many of Mrs Hinch’s followers struggling with mental health issues have said that Mrs Hinch’s videos have been a source of relief for them. Her infectious charm and her satisfying cleaning videos could be the reason for this. Mrs Hinch herself has said she suffered with anxiety and panic attacks, until she turned to cleaning as a coping mechanism. Many others can relate to her mental health issues, as well as her turning to cleaning to relieve her symptoms.

Often people with mental health, particularly depression, can feel too overwhelmed to take care of tasks like taksks around the house. With Mrs Hinch’s videos, however, people have been motivated to battle their mental health problems and address any jobs they’ve neglected – and they have found in the process that it CAN be fun.

Mrs Hinch also provides her followers with handy budget tips so everyone can clean. Curious about some of the products she swears by? We’ve listed them below:

  • Harpic Active Fresh Mountain Pine Cleaning Gel
  • Flash Bathroom Long Lasting Shine Spray
  • 1001 Carpet Fresh Thai Orchid & Passion Fruit Spray
  • Minky Antibacterial Cleaning Pad
  • Ace Stain Remover and Colour Brightener
  • Stardrops 4-in-1 Disinfectant Spray
  • Zoflora Mountain Air Disinfectant

If you want to kickstart your cleaning routine and make your home a shinier version of what it is, make sure you give Mrs Hinch a follow on Instagram here.

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