10 Fantastic Kitchen Hacks

1. Separate the egg yolk from the whites with a water bottle

Yolk bottle

If you are like me and cannot separate the egg yolk from the white using your hands (or just find it totally gross), then this is the perfect trick for you! All you need to do is crack an egg onto a plate and get a a squeezy plastic bottle. Squeeze the air out and whilst pinching the bottle place the open end onto the egg yolk. Unsqueeze the bottle and the egg yolk will pop up into the bottle. You then have a perfectly separated egg!


2. Freezing an onion keeps the tears away

Freeze onion

You have probably tried all the tricks to make yourself not cry when cutting an onion, but have you tried this one? Freezing an onion for a little while before chopping can infact prevent you from crying your way through the process. But be careful not to leave them in the freezer for too long, you still need to get your knife through it!


3. Frozen grapes to cool your wine

Grapes ice cubes

If your wine isn’t cool enough to drink yet but you just can’t wait any longer to crack open the bottle, why not put frozen grapes in it? This works as a brilliant substitute to ice cubes as it cools your wine without watering it down!


4. Cut tomatoes between 2 plates

Cut tomatoes

Cutting cherry tomatoes can be extremely time consuming and most of the time the process can be very messy and lead to uneven slices. This hack is great if you want to get the job done quicky. Simply place a plate upside down on a flat surface, put your tomatoes on top and put another plate on top of these facing up. Place one hand firmly on the top and carefully slice through the tomatoes in the middle with a sharp knife and you will be left with a bunch of evenly chopped tomatoes!


5. Microwave your lemon for more juice

Squeeze lemon

If you don’t have a lemon squeezer, getting all the juice out of a lemon can sometimes be hard work. So, why not try putting the lemon in a microwave for 20 seconds before? This will loosen it up and allow you to easily squeeze lots of juice out!


6. Shell your egg easily with baking soda

Boil egg

Shelling a hard boiled egg once it is done can be a right pain with only small bits of shell flaking off at any one time. If you put a tablespoon of baking soda into the water when boiling your eggs, when it comes to shelling, the shell will just fall right off!


7. Keep your fridge fresh with vanilla extract and cotton balls

Vanilla extract

It can sometimes take a lot of work to keep your fridge smelling fresh with all the different foods stored, however this hack will save you time searching for the perfect solution, because it is right here! All you need to do is put 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract on a saucer along with 2 to 3 small cotton balls, mix it around so it coats them lightly and place the saucer in your fridge. In no time it will smell clean and fresh!


8. Tap your jars on a hard surface to open


Imagine this, you buy a new jam that you are so excited about tasting, you put the bread in the toaster and go to open the jar but it just won’t budge! No amount of arm strength is going to open it, so just tap the lid in a circular motion on a hard surface and the lid will just pop right off!


9. Use a pizza cutter to slice the veggies

Pizza cutter

Sometimes cutting vegetables can be a right chore and you find yourself hacking away and using up energy. Well, have you ever wondered if there are better appliances to use out there? There is! Just grab your pizza cutter, line your carrots up and you will only need one slicing motion to cut through them all!


10. Fry your eggs in an onion ring

Egg onion

If you want to get the perfect shaped fried egg, then a great hack is to slice a whole ring of an onion, place it in the frying pan and then crack the egg in that. This will get you a nice even circle!


So here are the top 10 best kitchen hacks that are going to make your cooking life a total breeze!

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