TLC for your kitchen

The kitchen is the room in the house where the most time is spent, getting up in the morning, most people’s routine starts with the switch of a kettle and then scrambling for the bowls and plates ready to feed the children before school. Then time is spent preparing dinner and sorting out lunches for the next day. If the space is there, it is the perfect communal room and an ideal spot for entertaining. So it really does need some TLC every now and again.

Ensuring your appliances are kept in tip top condition is so important, keeping them fresh means they work so much more efficiently and also makes them pleasing to the eye for your guests.

Cleaning appliances may seem like a chore, but with the right tools and cleaning materials it can be so easy, here is our little guide to how you can ensure your kitchen is kept clean and fresh….

First off, ovens and hobs!











If you don’t have a self-cleaning oven then you may put off cleaning for as long as possible. However what you don’t know is it can be as simple as using ingredients from your cupboard you already have! All you need is vinegar, baking soda and a little elbow grease!

  1. Remove every shelf and rack from your oven
  2. In a bowl, mix ½ cup of baking soda with a few tablespoons of water, make enough paste to spread across the whole oven cavity
  3. Spread the paste over the interiors but keep clear of the heating elements. The baking soda will turn brown and maybe go a bit gunky and chunky, but that’s fine just coat as much as you can, especially around the really greasy areas
  4. Leave for 12 hours, so best to do before you go to bed
  5. After 12 hours, use a damp cloth and wipe out as much as you can of the dried baking soda
  6. You can use a plastic spatula to scrape off any stubborn dried parts after
  7. Spray some white vinegar everywhere until you see baking soda residue in the cavity
  8. Wipe around with a damp cloth until free from baking soda and vinegar

Hey Presto! Your oven is as good as new!


Ceramic/induction/gas on glass


  1. Remove all loose food and dirt
  2. Apply warm, soapy water using a soft cloth to the hob. Hobrite is good to use at this point but if not you can use a good quality liquid detergent
  3. Rinse the hob and apply white vinegar to get rid of any streaks and give it a shine
  4. Using a dry clean cloth buff the hob to finish and it will look all shiny and new

Stainless steel gas hob

Stainless steel gas

  1. Remove all loose food and dirt
  2. Apply hob cleaner such as Hobrite and follow the instructions on the back of the product
  3. Leave to soak in so it has time to loosen stains and grease particles
  4. Use a clean cloth to wipe away solution – wipe until clean and dry

Pan supports

With your pan supports whether these are enamel or cast iron, soaking in warm soapy water with a soft cloth will be just fine. Just make sure you don’t use any hard abrasives.


So here is the first guide to keep your kitchen appliances clean! Stay tuned to hear how to clean your other appliances.

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