10 Ways With…Lemons!

When life gives you lemons, don’t just make lemonade with them! We’re bringing you nine more simple yet equally effective things you can do with the inexpensive citrus fruit.

It’s part of a new series here on the My Appliances blog called ’10 Ways With…’

We’ll be sharing a variety of posts with the same title; only the household item/ingredient will change each time. Too many of us throw rotten, leftover food away each week, when really there is no need. Turn those unused ingredients into something else, as you’ll be more than a little surprised about just what else you can do with them. Lemons, then…be prepared to be educated…

  1. Make a Fragrant Air Freshener
Strong odour after cooking your evening meal? Ensure your kitchen/diner smells lovely again by giving it a spritz with this DIY air freshener, featuring…you guessed it…lemons! All you need is some bicarbonate of soda, a teaspoon of juice from your freshly squeezed lemon, some water and a few drops of your essential oil of choice.
2. Turn Them Into a Table Centrepiece
Fresh flowers can be costly,  so why not turn your fruit bowl into a home trinket that doesn’t have to die on you? A bowl of lemons (or any other vibrant fruit for that matter) can look lovely when positioned in the middle of a large table or breakfast bar. Adding a little colour, it’s a practical yet attractive centrepiece for any house proud home owner. Once you’re ready to use the lemons, use them – they’re not going to waste, then.


3. Add Them to Tea

Suffering from a cold this spring? Add a slice or two of lemon to hot water, along with a teaspoon of honey, and you have yourself a traditional hot toddy. Plus, plain old English breakfast tea (sans milk!) is very la-de-dah when taken with a slice of lemon. Make sure you stick out your pinkie finger while sipping, mind…


4. Turn Them Into Ice Cream

We love this fun and simple recipe for lemon flavoured ice cream – and you can make it even more lemony-looking by adding some yellow food colouring, if you wish.


5. Freshen Up Your Cutlery Collection

Dinner guests on their way around? Pop some hot water into a jug and add in a slice or two of fresh lemon. Then simply place your silverware in the jug. This will help give your cutlery a lovely shine, and will ensure it’s streak free when you come to wipe it.


6. Add a Spritz to Your Guacamole

Avocado is all over Instagram at the moment, so why not do the trendy thing right now and whip it up into a satisfying yet relatively healthy treat: guacamole? Of course, you’ll want to add a dash of lemon to the mix, before serving with tortilla chips and salsa.


7. Serve with Gin!

Looking for something refreshing to go with that guacamole dip? Gin’s most certainly in at the moment, so make a few G&Ts and don’t forget the lemon wedge!

And if you’re driving…

8….Make Lemonade

See, we told you we wouldn’t sign off this blog without mentioning lemonade. After all, it’s so easy to make and it’s the perfect complement to summer barbecues

9. Stuff a Chicken

Ah, lemon and rosemary – is there a more delicious combination when it comes to your Sunday roast? We say ‘no’


10. Make Preserves

Move over, jam. It’s all about lemon curd this year. Why? Because we say so. And it’s simply delicious on sour dough bread – yum!

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