2017’s Quirkiest Kitchen Gadgets

Move over, standard set of knives. You’re no longer good enough. In fact come to think of it; neither are you, Mr Hand Mixer!

It’s 2017 and more and more of us are getting on board with the many advancements in kitchen technology. We’re not content with the gadgets we already know and love (we’re looking at you, coffee machine!). Instead, we’d like our kitchen gadgets – from utensils to everyday electrical appliances – to work even harder. Or at least be a little quirkier, or look a little better.

The thing is, some of us prefer the help of an appliance or two. Rather than putting a little effort in to do something ourselves. Right about now, that scene from Father Ted (when Mrs Doyle is looks set to be replaced by a tea making gadget) has popped into our head. The salesman tells her the TeaMaster will mean she can avoid ‘the misery’ of making a cuppa, and she retaliates: ‘maybe I like the misery’.


Tea you have to make yourself? You’ve got to be pulling our leg…

Joking aside, though, sometimes gadgets CAN do it better – and to prove it, here are a few that are already whipping, chopping and blitzing up a frenzy in the kitchen this year. Read on…

Tea at the Right Temperature?

A perfect cup of tea, just the way you like it. That’s what this little kitchen gadget aims to do. The 42tea is apparently really easy to use. All you do is toss the 42tea cube assistant in your teapot or saucepan and follow the instructions on your smartphone. Who knew your smartphone would be helping you brew up, eh? Whatever next…3D printers?! Chortle.

A Quirky Stamp for Your Toast?

The Internet seems to be obsessed with pandas, doesn’t it? So, cue this quirky panda stamp for your toast – because no self-respecting breakfast chef should be without one. And it’d take you all day to create the same design without one.

Oh and seeing as today’s Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you…) how about some Darth Vader pancakes, too?


Turn that toast into a work of art

A Stylish Kitchen Bin?

Who knew bins could actually be stylish? Well, it turns out they can – and VERY stylish at that. Check out this rose gold rectangular pedal bin.

Okay, so as far as kitchen gadgets go, this doesn’t really do much. But it looks pretty and isn’t that what a lot of us are after? A sleek, stylish kitchen that looks the part. Who cares if we don’t actually know how to use all those fancy kitchen gadgets…

Samurai Knives?

Just what you always wanted, eh? Samurai knives. So, these could well be more style than substance but they’d certainly raise a smile every time you clapped eyes on them in your kitchen.

Your Kitchen Companion

Have you heard about Google Home? You can ask it anything, from nutritional advice and tips to unit conversions when you’re whipping up tea from a recipe book. Sounds good, doesn’t it?


Bake a cake with the help of Google Home

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