Berghoff GB Demonstration

After having a wander and sampling some lovely foods and drinks, we came across the Berghoff stand promoting their innovative Castline cookware. Originating from Belgium Berghoff GB are exclusive to the UK and have a beautifully designed range of ceramic non-stick pans that are perfect on all kinds of hobs including ceramic, induction and gas.

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These pans are fantastic and we watched a brilliant demonstration hosted by Nick who showed us all just how good these appliances are.

Something that really stood out to us was how you can easily unscrew the handles of the saucepans so they can be put in the oven for baking cakes and pies. It is brilliant if want to use the same pan for the hob and oven as it really saves on the washing up!

You really are getting excellent quality as when cooking foods such as fried eggs and pancaks, there really is no need to use oils or fats, the food just slips right out and nothing sticks, how simple could it really be?

Nick showed us another feature that would solve a problem the majority of us have. Straining any water from your pans is always a hassle, you either burn yourself from scolding splashes and steam pouring into a colander or spill half your food down the sink trying to balance the lid in the correct position. Well this problem is no more as you just need to turn the lid slightly and it automatically strains!

Something everyone suffers from is after time, burnt on food stays on and rusts pans. Part of the demonstration was where Nick left a hot pan on the heat with some milk in, after around 5 minutes the milk had completely burnt to a crisp and stuck to the bottom of the saucepan. We all thought that the pan would have to be soaked for ages and a lot of elbow grease would be needed in order to get it clean, however all he did was pour in a drop of cold water which bubbled and blistered anything that remained on the surface. That could then be thrown away, the pan needed a little wipe clean and it looked good as new.

These are such an investment and are sure to make your cooking experiences so much easier!

Check out their website here and have a browse of all the different cookware they have to offer.

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