Add a Touch of Summer to Your Kitchen: Some Decor Tips

A huge revamp of your kitchen can be costly, but sometimes all it takes is a few small and simple changes to overhaul your space – and the summer’s the perfect time to do it! Here on the My Appliances blog today, then, we’re sharing with you some ideas and inspiration for the hub of the home. You can try them today or you can vow to do them tomorrow – either way, you’ll have a gorgeously bright, bold and fresh new kitchen by the start of the new week. Here’s what to do:

Make Way for a Summery Centrepiece

If your dining room table’s become more of a dumping ground than somewhere to happily eat your meal from, it’s time to change that. Start by decluttering your table – and your kitchen in general – giving it a good clean and setting out your favourite place mats and coasters. It’s surprising what a quick clean and tidy can do for your space – and your mood – when it comes to spending time in the home’s most-used room.

Now your table is looking clearer, think about adding a summery centrepiece to it. As daft as it sounds, we love the way a huge, leafy pineapple looks on our dining table – and if you don’t fancy that, grab a huge fruit bowl and add an array of colourful fruits to it. Think of it as like flower arranging – but with bananas, apples and grapes! The great thing about centrepieces like these is they’re cheap enough to change often – and you can eat them!

Break Out Seasonal Crockery

True, there may be nothing at all wrong with those maroon or navy blue dinner plates – but adding some fresh crockery to your shelves or dining table will brighten your kitchen up in an instant. Delve into the depths of your cupboards to dust off your favourite flowery china, arranging it carefully on shelves, cupboard tops, or on your table. The prettier the china the better – and the brighter! Plus, mismatched crockery always looks great, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Refresh Your Cleaning Basket

Everyone has one, don’t they…the dreaded, overflowing basket under the sink. The one that’s stuffed with six bottles of half used washing up liquid and plenty of dog-eared dusters. So, give yours a refresh with some brand new tea towels and cloths – and maybe even a new scourer or brush. There’s absolutely no reason why the basket shouldn’t be on display, providing it looks pretty. Add some bright hues to it in the form of tea towels – think lime green, orange and fuchsia – and pop it on a cupboard top, or even on the fridge.

Choose Gorgeously Seasonal Flowers

So, you’ve chosen your table centrepiece – how about something for your window? Popping a couple of small plants or vases of flowers on shelves or window sills can add instant appeal to your kitchen. Plus, they can be swapped as and when you like and won’t cost the earth.

Light a Candle

Bring a summer ambience into your space by choosing cheap but cheerful mood lighting. This can be in the form of a zesty candle, or you could go all out with some new, multi-coloured pendant lights or lamps.

So go on; have some fun in your kitchen this summer – and tell us, what are your top tips for revamping your space without spending a lot?

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