Complement Your Kitchen with Copper: Here’s How…

Trends come and go, particularly in the home. Copper, though…that’s here to stay. Or it seems to be, anyway – and you don’t have to go far at all to find a splash or t the warm-hued metal. It’s in the bedroom – on trinket trays, cupboard door handles, even around decorative mirrors. In the living room, there’s copper-coloured vases and drinks coasters and you may even find copper plant pots in the garden.

But in the kitchen is where the trend really comes alive, with appliances in copper gracing every single worktop. So, just how do you incorporate it into your own kitchen? We’re sharing our top tips to bring you some inspiration…
Choose a Statement Piece

Feeling bold? Go all-out with a statement piece like a copper table, or some shelving in the gorgeously bright colour. The reflective metal instantly creates a warm and cosy atmosphere in your home, which is just perfect for summer but works beautifully in autumn and winter as well. Pink and grey tones work particularly well with copper, so think about complementing the metal with muted shades like blush or charcoal.

Statement pieces don’t have to be huge. Instead, opt for a row of pendant-style copper-coloured light fittings that dominate the room but aren’t too big in terms of size. Shelving is a great idea, too, as it gives a nod to the copper trend without being too drastic; you can easily take itdown as the trends or seasons change, if you decide to.

Another option is to simply go for a standard, wooden shelf and add copper accessories to it. You can then easily swap and change these with your mood or tastes.

Add a Nod to Copper

Not ready to make too elaborate a statement? Whatever works for you! Instead, start small. You can add a little vase here, or a plant pot or two there, and build up to more copper as you see fit. The fun part is doing the shopping – and you can pick up affordable pieces everywhere from The Range to Home Sense. Shop around and blend bigger pieces with smaller ones, adding complementing textures and prints as you go. Experiment with copper in smaller spaces in the home if you’re not feeling too daring; a little splash of copper in a hallway or a small corner of the bedroom is a great way to dip your toe into the water.

Replace Well-Worn Appliances

If well-used appliances like your extractor hood are due an update, why not use it as an excuse to give the copper trend a go? This stylish cooker hood, for example, offers the wow factor while fulfilling a requirement in the kitchen! With a stainless steel finish and an adjustable wire fixation to set the perfect height, the dishwasher-safe, aluminum filters in the product capture grease and cooking particles when the hood is in use. Click the link above to learn more and give the copper trend a go once and for all!
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