Throwing a Kids’ Party: Our Tips

The invites have been passed around your little one’s chums, the party food’s been purchased and the birthday banners have come out from their hiding place of the top shelf of the wardrobe, ready to be draped across every door in the house. But soon, the kids will be descending on your home for the birthday party of the year…are you ready?

To help you, My Appliances is sharing some top tips to ensure it goes with a bang!

Set the Table the Night Before

On the morning of the party, you’ll have enough to do – like getting the birthday boy or girl into their special dress or shirt, and preparing the food. So save yourself a job or two by laying out the table the night before. Grab a nice tablecloth, some paper plates and napkins and maybe a streamer or two – and get creative! You’ll thank yourself tomorrow. You could also dig out the party music or create a Spotify play list – anything at all to ease the pressure of the day to come.

Keep the Food Simple

On the subject of party food, don’t be tempted to make anything too elaborate or fancy; kids are easily pleased and will therefore be more than happy with a few sandwiches, some smiley-faced biscuits, and some mini sausage rolls.

While you might want to think about what the parents will eat, you’ll probably find that they’ll tuck into whatever you’ve laid out for the kids – so make a little extra, just in case. You could even save yourself the time making up sandwiches by choosing savoury items that can be emptied out onto plates – those aforementioned sausage rolls, some mini pasties – that sort of thing. If you must make sandwiches, opt for ‘open’ ones, so you only have to butter and add fillings to one side of bread!

Don’t Stress!

Sure, you could spend weeks in the run up to the party creating a show-stopping party cake, or you could enlist the help of a family member or friend to do it for you. Everyone knows someone who loves to bake – and if you slip them a fiver or two for the ingredients to whip you up a perfectly-iced Victoria sponge, we’re sure they’ll gladly oblige. Likewise, get your little one involved in the preparation, too – they could make their own invites, or help you decorate the table.

You don’t even need to spend hours – and pounds! – wrapping up pass the parcel pressies. Instead, choose games like musical statues or musical chairs, which cost nothing but will still have the kids laughing and joking. If all else fails, hire a children’s entertainer, who’ll do the hard work for you.

Don’t Forget Party Bags

Kids love goody bags, but remember – they don’t really care what’s in them, they just want to get something. Add a slice of birthday cake, a streamer or two, and a small box of chalk or some bubbles – done! There’s no need to go over the top.

Keep the Wine Close By

Once the festivities are over and your little one’s tucked up in bed for the night, you’ll want to toast your party-throwing success with a cold drink. Make sure yours IS cold, though; check out our wine coolers, which may prove the best money you ever spend!

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