Afternoon Tea Week

It is Afternoon Tea Week so we have put together a wonderful array of sandwiches and scones!

Here at MyAppliances, we do not do things by halves and love hearty food so we have ensured our sandwiches are filled to the brim with yummy fillings whilst keeping to the traditional themes of a proper afternoon tea.

We chose three different fillings of egg mayonnaise and cress, smoked salmon with cucumber and black pepper cream cheese and beef and mustard.

So here are a few slide shows of how we went about our very own afternoon tea….

Egg Mayonnaise and Cress

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”40″ gal_title=”Egg mayo & cress Sandwiches”]


Smoked Salmon with Cucumber and Black Pepper

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”35″ gal_title=”Smoked Salmon Sarnie”]


Beef and Mustard

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”36″ gal_title=”Beef and Mustard”]


Now what is a traditional afternoon tea without some scrummy scones? We had a go at making our very own yesterday and were extremely chuffed with the turn out! It was a first for both myself and Stacy so we had to follow a recipe, we chose Delia Smith’s Rich Fruit Scones. Now we may have forgotten one vital ingredient in these fruit scones which you may be able to see in the following images, but we don’t mind, they still tasted uber delicious! We also find using a wine bottle is much more effective than a rolling pin, and it’s also a nice excuse to finish off a bottle! You can find the recipe and a step by step process on Delia Online here

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So here is our finishing afternoon tea product, served with a wonderful cup of tea, just perfect!

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