Top 5 Great British Bake Off Moments

Week 3 and what a week it was!

This epsiode we saw the baker’s tackle bread which made a lot of them a bit hot under the collar and crumble under the pressure. We have compiled our top 5 best bits…

5. Bad Baguette’s


Whenever we watch a technical challenge there is always that suspense as to whether the contestants will cope with the very brief instructions they are given. This week was no exception when there was not one confident baker in the house, apart from Mr Hollywood of course. The first struggle was proving, many under proved not allowing enough time for the dough to rise and some like Flora didn’t follow instructions by proving their dough in a glass bowl and not the plastic container provided. After cutting the shapes the next struggle was to remember which way to slice the bread! Steam was required and only a few realised that. Safe to say it wasn’t the most successful technical challenge we have seen from the show!

4. Ian’s Flower Pot


This incredible showstopper by Ian cannot go unnoticed, the sheer simplicity of the design won over Paul and Mary and not only did it look fantastic, it tasted wonderful as well. Ian perfected the art of bread making in a flower pot and Mary seemed very jealous that his family get such wonderful delights every week! Coming first in the technical challenge and wowing the judges with his flower bread creation, Ian was crowned star baker for the second week running!

3. Puntastic

mel and sue

Mel and Sue really do bring the humour to GBBO and this episode was no exception. Puns were being thrown left right and centre so here are our favourites… ‘So-da quick bread making challenge is over’ Sue signalling the end of the signature challenge, no one really laughed but don’t worry Sue, we thought it was great! ‘Paul and Mary are searching for the new michelangledough’ Now the bar for the best pun was risen here by Mel! Step up your game Sue, you have tough competition.

2. Herb Couture

Herb Couture

Flora really impressed everyone with her couture showstopper consisting of 3 herb, courgette, white and wholemeal baguettes filled with pesto to fashion a skirt and a corset made from smaller breads. This was a really fragile piece that required a steady hand, which Flora had. Mary absolutely loved it praising her for the delicate design whilst Paul was impressed by the pesto flavours. Worthy for the number 2 spot on our top 5!

1. The King of the Jungle


Now our number one goes to arguably one of the best and most intricately designed sculptures we have seen on The Great British Bake Off to date. Contestant Paul earned himself a special commendation from the master baker himself which is a first for this show saying ‘that is one of the best things I’ve seen in bread, ever’. Many times we see fantastic designs that just don’t deliver on taste, but this lion bread titled ‘Kind of the Jungle’ topped in taste also with a white bread head, a wholemeal tail and a body filled with figs and walnuts. A very well deserved number 1!

So here is our top 5 best bits from this week’s episode, stay tuned for next week’s!

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