Air Fryers & 10 Things You Can Cook in Them

Did you catch our recent article all about air fryers? They’re all the rage at the moment, aren’t they – and while we don’t sell them here at My Appliances that doesn’t mean we’re against telling you all about them.

For many, they’re a great addition to the kitchen, while some prefer to cook the traditional way. There are lots of things you can cook in an air fryer – and some you may not have considered. Here are 10 things you can whip up in your trusty worktop appliance

1. Fries

Can you make fries a little healthier? Course you can. It’s all about the oil you use to cook them in. Or you could whack them in the air fryer and cook them that way, adding in a little spray oil if you’d like them to really crisp up.


Fancy a sausage butty? Throw your sausages in the air fryer and they will take no time at all to cook. You could even pop bacon in the air fryer and leave it to do its thing, too.


What, you can even cook steak in an air fryer? Absolutely! The BBC Good Food site has a recipe you can try too. Pair your steak with some air fried fries and you’ve got a winner of a dinner.

4. Potatoes

Create delicious Sunday dinner-worthy spuds in your air fryer – for a healthier alternative to your usual fat-soaked roast potatoes.

5. Vegetables

A member of the My Appliances team loves to pop tender stem broccoli in the air fryer with a tiny bit of oil. “They crisp up lovely”, she says, before adding that she then scatters on a few chilli flakes for flavour. Yum. We’re pretty sure this would work just as well with regular broccoli too.

6. Battered Fish

Whether you’ve made your own battered fish or you opt to use a frozen box, add it to the air fryer for a healthier evening meal. Team with peas, chips or potatoes, and tartare sauce for a delightfully homemade chippy tea.


Want to warm up your breakfast croissant? We’ve spotted a few people throwing their pastries in the air fryer, both to warm them and make them that little bit crispier. Sounds like a plan, if you ask us!

8. Garlic Bread

Make your own garlic bread or use shop-bought. Either way it’ll taste great when it’s just come out of the air fryer. You could also make bruschetta in your new fave appliance, if you’re not a garlic bread fan.


Love falafel? Plenty of foodie websites suggests it’s great in the air fryer. For a ‘picky tea’ with a difference, serve up falafel, plenty of dips, crisps and other yummy picnic-based treats. Easy and delicious.

10. Cake

Yes, you really can make cake in an air fryer – and there’s plenty of recipes if you’d like some much-needed inspiration. Super Golden Bakes has a sponge cake method you might like to try.

Will you be giving any of these a try in your air fryer?

Until next time…