10 Food Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know

Love a food hack? Who doesn’t? Here are 10 of them that you probably didn’t know about…

  1. Stop Guacamole from Turning Brown

Big fan of dips? The chances are guacamole is up there with one of your favourites – but how on earth do you stop it from turning brown? Kitchn has the hack – over here. Well, we say ‘hack’; the site has actually tested nine (yes, nine!) methods from keeping the avocado-based snack from going off – try at least one of them and save that guac!

2. Use a Hand Mixer for Mashed Potato

Exhausted from all that potato-mashing? We hear you! Pop your spuds, your butter and/or your milk into a freestanding cake mixer and voila…lump-free mash every time.

3. Make Pizza Quickly in the Air Fryer

Fancy a quick snack? Grab a piece of bread, smear it with tomato puree, add a sprinkle of oregano and plenty of grated cheese (a little ham too, if you like) and pop it in the air fryer on about 200°C for three minutes or so. Delicious!

4. Salvage Burnt Biscuits with a Grater

If you’ve ruined your home-baked biscuits, gently use a cheese grater to eradicate any burned bits. You’re welcome.

5.Make a Cake – Quickly!

You don’t need your oven to bake a cake – you can use your microwave for quicker results that are just as tasty. Try this microwave mug cake recipe and save yourself loads of time.

6. Hull a Strawberry with a Straw

You may have spotted this particular hack on TikTok, but does it work? According to this article, it does – try it out. There are many more hacks besides that one in the piece, too.

7. Separate an Egg Yolk with a Water Bottle

What…how? Visit this link again because it’s packed with foodie hacks, including this egg trick.

8.Store Avocado with an Onion to Keep it Fresher for Longer

Another avocado hack for you…if you add it to a plastic food bag (after you’ve cut into it and it’s halved) with an onion that’s out of its skin, you’ll find that it stays fresh for much longer. Brilliant!

9. Use Lemon for…Everything!

Got any lemons? They can be used extensively in the kitchen – and not just for cooking or for your post-work G&T. Check out this blog post from the My Appliances archives for 10 tips with the humble citrus fruit, including cleaning hacks and a whole lot more.

10.Make Leather as Good as New with…an Egg!

You’re probably scratching your head a bit here…how on earth does this work? Find out in this blog post, also from the My Appliances archives. You can also use eggs to feed your plants, prettify your home and more. If you haven’t tried them in a homemade face mask, too, you could well be missing out. Or, you know, you could just end up with egg on your face!

Will you be trying any of these hacks yourself? Let us know how you get on by commenting on this post.

Until next time…