Autumn/Winter 2021 Kitchen Trends

Looking to update your kitchen this coming autumn and winter? In this blog post, we look at some of the up-and-coming design trends that can be used to refresh your kitchen for the upcoming seasons. From lighting to colour choices, here are the kitchen trends to look out for this autumn and winter.

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Gold Finish

There’s nothing trendier right now than a gold finish to your kitchen hardware. Like copper and bronze, gold lends a warm, inviting feel to your kitchen. A gold finish can add a spot of luxury and refinement to your taps, sinks and cabinet handles, particularly when combined with a white colour scheme.

Not ready to commit to gold hardware? No problem. Gold statement pieces like wall décor or lighting fixtures can gussy up your kitchen with minimal effort.

Concealed Kitchen

While open shelving is a popular choice, minimalism continues to be an ongoing kitchen trend. It makes sense, then, that a concealed kitchen is in this season. Keep clutter, appliances and cooking spaces out of sight with sliding doors, cabinet doors and accordion doors. The concealed nature of this kitchen style means even the smallest kitchen can feel spacious and roomy, while the hidden cooking areas can turn your kitchen into the most happening spot in your whole house.

Black Kitchen

White is a timeless colour perfect for brightening your kitchen space, but there is something just as appealing about the dark side.

That’s right. Black kitchens are in, and we’re not talking about mere accent colours. Cabinets, walls and work surfaces are all fair game for a striking splash of dark colour. The effect is less gloomy than you’d think, and far more luxurious, sophisticated and rustic.

To avoid your black colour palette from making your kitchen seem small and dull, you can opt for just dark cabinets while leaving everything else a light colour. More or stronger lights might also be necessary, as a dark kitchen won’t reflect light as easily as lighter colours. If black is too harsh for you, why not try dark grey (as pictured below)?

Sink Skirts

Sink skirts might seem stuffy and old-fashioned, but believe it or not, they’re back! Cover up exposed sink piping or replace cabinet doors with skirt-like curtains, and just like that, you can instantly add a bit of softness to the clean, hard edges of your kitchen. If you have a minimalistic kitchen, opt for a skirt with prints or a graphic pattern to break things up.

Statement Lighting

Your light fixtures might be the last thing you think of when it comes to updating your kitchen, but they provide more than just lighting. Your lights can serve as another way to bring life to your kitchen.

Enter statement lighting. These light fixtures can add personality to your kitchen. Pendant lighting is especially on trend. Consisting of usually a single light bulb suspended from the ceiling on a chain, cord or metal rod, pendant lights can be hung over a kitchen island to brighten up your work surfaces.

Will you be giving any of these kitchen trends a go this autumn and winter? A kitchen update could be just the welcome change you need as this year comes to a close.

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