It’s Afternoon Tea Week! Some Top Tips and Recipes

Afternoon Tea Week is all about one of the UK’s most beloved traditions. This week, celebrate all things afternoon tea, whether it’s the dainty cakes and finger sandwiches, the fancy crockery or, of course, the tea.

We’re here to offer some ideas for observing Afternoon Tea Week, as well as suggest some recipes for you to try out. So put down those digestives and read on!

How Should You Celebrate Afternoon Tea Week?

…by having afternoon tea, of course!

It goes without saying that Afternoon Tea Week cannot be spent without indulging in a little sit-down with your best crockery, your favourite pastries and a cup of tea. Although the lockdown is still in place throughout the UK, you can still enjoy your afternoon tea in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re up for giving the full afternoon tea experience a go, here are just a few of the countless recipes you can pair with your tea.

Scones with Jam and Clotted Cream

Scones are a classic accompaniment to your afternoon tea. Add a generous topping of jam and clotted cream, and you’re well on your way to enjoying a tasty afternoon treat.

This classic scone recipe from BBC Good Food is a doddle to make, as the ingredients you’ll need are those likely already in your cupboard and fridge. In just 20 minutes, you’ll have a platter of warm, light-as-air scones to enjoy with your tea. May we suggest a cup of Earl grey?

Anise and Orange Liqueur Cakes

Cosy up with the warm blend of spices in these anise and orange liqueur cakes, perfect for pairing with mint or white tea. This recipe yields about 40 small cupcakes, so if you’ve got family in your house, you can all enjoy these cakes together. You’ll certainly savour the wonderful combination of star anise, nutmeg and orange liqueur in these dainty little cakes.

Salmon and Cucumber Sandwiches

This salmon and cucumber sandwich recipe delivers just the right amount of crunch and creaminess. The classic cucumber sandwich gets a flavourful update with the addition of salmon, mayonnaise, yogurt, lemon juice and dill weed. The result: a tiny, delicate finger sandwich that pairs well with a strong black tea.

Scotch Eggs

There’s nothing quite as small, dainty and well-suited for a tea party as Scotch eggs. This recipe sneaks a meaty surprise beneath an outer shell of sausage and breadcrumbs (hint: it’s bacon!). This isn’t the easiest recipe to make, but it’s well worth the challenge when you finally get to sit down and enjoy your Scotch eggs with a side of bold tea, like black tea or green tea.

Battenberg Cake

A British classic, there’s no better way to celebrate Afternoon Tea Week than with a hearty slice of Battenberg cake. This recipe from BBC calls for simple ingredients, but the result is an effortlessly pretty, apricot-flavoured cake that you won’t be able to get enough of.

We hope you’ll celebrate the rest of Afternoon Tea Week with a good cuppa and a platter of your favourite pastries!

Until next time…