Barbecue for Two? Here’s Some Inspiration…

Can you host a barbecue during the lockdown? If you’re planning to invite all your friends and family around, then the answer is no – not even if you keep two metres away from one another, as it really isn’t in the spirit of social distancing. If, however, you’re hosting a barbecue just for two, three, four, five (or however many people live in your household) then go ahead!

While the sun’s shining, it’s the perfect time to head outside and get some vitamin D! Here’s some inspiration of what to cook – and if you need to shop for barbecue fuel, make sure you get it as part of your usual weekly shop, as it’s hardly an essential item unfortunately.

15-Minute Chicken and Halloumi Burgers

The whole family will love this barbecued dish, says BBC Good Food. And if you’re as much a fan of halloumi as you are chicken, you’re certain to find these extremely moreish. So, move over beef burgers; there’s a new barbecued treat in town.

Try these burgers for yourself, perfecting the recipe to ensure that when we’re well and truly out of covid-19 lockdown, you can wow the rest of your friends and family with them.

Barbecued Steak

Fancy treating your other half to a five-star dining experience in your garden? How about a steak, cooked exactly as they like it, but on the barbecue?

The Red Tractor site has a recipe for barbecued steak, with a handy guide to how hot your meat should be if you’re cooking it rare, medium or well done.

“To go with our steak we made two really easy flavoured sauces to drizzle over once the steak is cooked and sliced”, says the site’s team, before going on to advise home cooks to “simply add ingredients to a small heatproof pan, and allow to melt gently together on the warm grill bars whilst you are resting the steak.”

Check out the recipe via the link above and treat your family this weekend.

Barbecued Kebabs

Got some skewers? You can’t beat a kebab on the barbie – and here’s a tempting recipe you can try for yourself. Just choose your choice of meat (or veg) and have fun creating a delicious teatime treat.

As featured on the Cuisine Fiend website, the cook in question says: “I’ve thrown all sorts of food on the barbie in my time: shrimp kebabs, whole sweetcorn in husk (success), broad beans in their pods (failure), chicken and beef patties and steaks. The framework below works a treat though – pick whichever meat you want, of course; for vegetarians replace it with thick cubes of haloumi or scamorza; for vegans thread on tofu (though not tested so can’t guarantee success) and serve masses of green salad and pickles.”

You could follow these kebabs with fruit-based ones for dessert, melting some chocolate and adding it to a ramekin for dipping! If you’re feeling really nauhty, add some marshmallows to your skewers, too.

Will you be giving any of these recipes a go? Let us know by commenting on this blog post, below.

In the meantime, stay home and stay safe.

Until next time…