Birthday during lockdown? Here’s How to Celebrate…

No one imagined we would be social distancing at all – never mind for weeks on end.

With officials warning that the measures could be in place until at least the end of 2020, there is a huge possibility many of us will have to celebrate our birthday with only those in our household. That’s great if you live with your parents, sisters or brothers, or even flatmates – but what about those who live alone?

We thought we’d pull together some ideas for you – whether you live on your own or with others. And yes, many of them involve your favourite foods. Read on…

Start the Day with a Delicious Breakfast

Whether it’s your day or someone else’s, every great birthday starts with a good breakfast – preferably in bed and accompanied by the opening of some cards or small gifts.

If you’re celebrating on your own, add something special into your shopping trolley before your birthday – just in time for the first meal of the day on your birthday itself. Think waffles, pancakes or a croissant you can film to the brim with jam after warming your pastry in the microwave. Or if you’d prefer something healthy, try these.

If you’re helping someone else celebrate, why not treat them to a fry up or a delicious stack of American-style pancakes? We promise either will go down well.

Support Local Businesses

Treating someone else for their birthday? Local and independent businesses need your help now more than ever, so consider spending your money with the companies who may struggle to stay afloat during these strange times.

Whether you spend money with your local florist and treat someone to some fresh blooms, or you choose to support a small business who makes, say, chocolates or cakes, do so safe in the knowledge that you’re doing good while treating yourself – or someone else.

Host a Barbecue

If you’re self-isolating with your family, why not make the most of the nicer weather we’ve been having by hosting a barbecue for the birthday girl or boy? Thankfully for you, we put together this blog post last week, which is absolutely bursting with inspiration.


If you’re self-isolating and therefore can’t get to the shops for a cake, make one instead. There are loads of easy recipes to try online – just have a dig around and see what you can find.

Catch up with Family Online

You may not be able to see your family in person – or at least those that don’t live in your household – during your lockdown birthday, but you can catch up with them online. So, arrange a catch-up on Skype or Zoom, or host a quiz for everyone to join. It isn’t quite like face-to-face contact but it’ll be a close second.

How are you planning to treat a family member on their lockdown birthday? Let us know your ideas by commenting on this blog post.

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