Been Fruit Picking? Five Recipes to Try

Ah, summer! It’s the perfect time to head out, basket in your hand and a pair of sunnies firmly over your eyes, and pick fruit.

All over the UK, you’ll find dedicated spots to give the hobby a go – and the great thing about foraging for strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and bilberries is the fun doesn’t end once the day’s finished.

Instead, you can head home with your loot and spend the rest of the week preparing all manner of cakes, pies and puds! Well, depending on how much fruit you’ve collected.

Here are some of our favourite recipes you can stuff full of deliciously tasty fruit. Read on…

BBC Good Food’s Ultimate Apple Pie

The BBC Good Food site never fails to come up trumps when it comes to recipes.

Whatever kind of cook you are – an amateur or pro – you’ll have no trouble whipping up this tasty apple pie. Featuring Bramley apples (you’ll need 1kg), sugar and a dash or two of cinnamon, this is the stuff of post-dinner dreams. It’s simple to make, too, and the pastry is as satisfying as the apple filling.

If you haven’t yet planned an apple picking expedition, we think now’s the time to get one in the diary! Kids will also love helping, so it’s win-win if you’re looking for a way to entertain them while there’s still a little summer left.

Bilberry Upside Down Cake

Who remembers pineapple upside down cake? It was probably one of the first desserts you prepared during GCSE Food Technology – and it’s always fun to make.

Another pudding you’ll love to bake is this bilberry version, which features 150g freshly picked bilberries, ground almonds, lemon and more. It’s summer on a plate, so give it a go and dish it up after your evening meal. Yum!

Raspberry Jam

Just what are you going to do with all those raspberries you’ve collected?! Turn them into homemade jam, that’s what.

FabFood4All has the recipe – and it’s an extremely easy one to follow. If you’re not too keen on raspberries, the site has plenty of other fruity jams you can try instead. How about blackberry jam, or good old strawberry? Which leads us on to our next recipe actually…

Victoria Sponge Cake

Everyone loves a slice of Victoria sponge cake, so why not prepare one this weekend? Jamie Oliver has the recipe and the cake looks delicious. Not only can you use the strawberries you’ve foraged as decoration – just sandwich them between the two layers – you can also make some jam to pair with the buttercream filling.

The perfect pairing for summer barbecues or afternoon tea-style get-togethers, this cake will have you going back for seconds.

If you don’t want to use strawberries, use the raspberry jam you’ve prepared, spreading it liberally on the two cakes.

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