Post-School Treats for Your Little Star

It’s been a long time coming (well, the six-week holidays can drag when you’re finding new ways to entertain them every day) but finally, school’s back for a new term – and year!

For some of you, your little star will have started school or pre-school for the very first time – and regardless of how well they’ve settled in, we think they deserve a treat. It’s an exhausting experience for little minds to see their routine shaken up, isn’t it?

So, we’re bringing you some food-related ideas (well, what else?) to perk them up after school. Who doesn’t love something to look forward to after a long day, anyway?

Read on for our post-evening meal treats you can all tuck into…

DIY Ice Cream Sundaes

If you’ve ever taken your kids to a certain big-name pizza establishment, you’ll know they love making their own puddings at its special dessert-making station. You can let them loose with the ingredients in there, because it really is an all-you-can-eat affair and it won’t cost you any extra if they want to fill their bowl with all manner of ice cream toppers and sprinkles.

But how about, for one night only, creating your own dessert-making station? It’s easy with ice cream – just serve up a few scoops of their favourite flavour and let them add chopped up chocolate, sweets, glace cherries, strawberry and choccy sauce and, yes, sprinkles. Why ever not – they’ll love it. You might not enjoy the mess they create, but it’s for one night only, after all.

Cake Pops

Now, these are a bit more challenging to create, but why not make it a fun post-school activity? Again, they’ll enjoy adding their own toppings when you’ve made the mini sponge cakes. We like this recipe from BBC Good Food.

Cake pops also make a great choice for kids’ parties. Add cellophane to the finished product (and a pretty bow) and pop them in party bags for your child’s guests to take away – fun to make and delicious to tuck into.

Cupcakes are just as easy to whip up – and probably even simpler than cake pops to decorate due to their larger surface area.

You could give your child a head start by getting them ready before they finish school for the day. They can then enjoy the best bit: licking the bowl and decorating your creations.


This is deconstructed cheesecake, which means it’s a bit simpler to throw together than a traditional one. Your little one will enjoy adding the various ingredients to a knickerbocker glory glass – and if they don’t, well they’ll certainly enjoy eating the dessert when it’s ready.

If all else fails, you can always buy some of those ready-made gingerbread men in the supermarket. You know, the ones which also come with tubes of icing and decorations.

Do you have your own ideas for easy desserts for kids? You could also extend the fun to your main meal, setting up a pizza making station, for example.

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Until next time…

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