Five Insta-Worthy Food Trends

Whether you consider yourself a foodie or a ‘convenience meal connoisseur’, if you’re a regular Instagram user, it won’t have escaped your notice that photo-worthy food is having something of a moment.

In fact, the platform thrives on eye-catching imagery – and food pics are some of the most popular.

You’ve probably done it yourself…found yourself reaching for your mobile phone and its built-in camera, at the precise moment the waiter places your meal in front of you.

Restaurants, bars and cafes are homing in on this trend for snapping our food, too, by serving up all manner of photo-ready dishes.

So, to give you some food for thought when it comes to snapping your own pics for Instagram (or indeed any other platform you like to share on), here’s some of the biggest trends in the food world this year…


Yep, you read that right! Spam is back. Well, did it ever really go away? The answer is ‘no’. Your Nan loves it, your Dad loves it. You probably love it, too. But there are more ways to enjoy it than with good old eggs.

According to Fast Company, the wartime favourite has been redefined, thanks to fusion versions. Look out for the Hawaii import, Spam musubi, for example, which is made of grilled spam on top of rice, tied together with nori and very Insta-worthy.

Restaurant Hopping

No longer does everyone remain loyal to just one restaurant per evening out. Instead, the teenagers and young foodies of today will begin their meal with a starter at one eatery, before heading somewhere else for a main course. Next, comes the dessert – and again, diners might tuck into said sweet treat at another restaurant entirely. It’s all about getting the right photos for Instagram, which gives chefs a real challenge: create something that people will want to photograph and you’re halfway there.

Low-Alcohol (or No Alcohol) Cocktails

More and more people are choosing to go teetotal – or to simply reduce their alcohol intake. That’s evident in the rise of people signing up for Sober October or Dry January – both initiatives that serve to better our health and our outlook on drinking.

Of course, restaurants and bars are aware of this trend and are working hard behind the scenes to produce low or no-alcohol cocktails.

Take a look at the drinks menu when you head to your favourite bar and you’ll probably find quite a few mocktails on it. Also: look out for drinks served in inventive ways: in a coconut shell, out of a small welly (yes, really), in a bucket…you name it, bars are pulling out all the stops to pull in the punters.

Vegan Dishes

It used to be that you’d know one or two people who were vegan. Now, consider how many vegans you know. The fact is, people are getting wise to the benefits of a plant-friendly diet – and restaurants are following suit with all manner of vegan recipes. Look out for dishes that use an abundance of colour and flavour to excite Instagram users and entice more foodies to try a vegan diet.


Another trend flagged up on the Fast Company site is this one: truffles. But not the chocolate kind. Instead, the Italian favourite saw a 5% spike in the US alone, with restaurants adding it to fries, burgers, and macaroni and cheese. It’s certainly a trend, but is it one worth photographing? You decide.

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