Bonfire Bonanza

It’s that time of year again when the whole family puts on their woolly hats and scarves and steps out to enjoy an evening of entertainment in the sky, Bonfire Night! This is a fun night for everyone to be dazzled by fireworks lighting up the sky and to write their name in the air with sparklers. Not only is it a fantastic evening to watch fireworks it is also the perfect time to make traditional bonfire night comfort food that we all know and love. So here are our favourite foods that we all will be tucking into tonight….

Baked Potato

If you are having a gathering tonight and want something easy to do for a large group then why not bake a load of potatoes in the oven, arrange a few different fillings and you then have a brilliant but easy comfort dish for people to enjoy. Various popular fillings include chilli con carne, beans and cheese and tuna mayo. The Resourceful Cook has a great recipe for a chili stuffed jacket potato that only takes an hour to make, so you can spend more time watching the fireworks.


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Toffee Apples

These sweet treats are a classic served on bonfire night. Toffee apples are so simple to make and all you need is apples, golden syrup, sugar, butter and vinegar. However, why not try something new this November and go creative and make this brilliant Jamie Oliver Toffee apple tart which will tantalise your taste buds and impress your friends whilst they decorate the sky with sparklers. Alternatively if you don’t have much time, make your classic toffee treats and sprinkle on popping candy for a crackling surprise!


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Pie and Peas

Pie and peas is a favourite and I haven’t come across anyone who doesn’t like diving into a golden pastry crust pie filled to the brim with meat and potato. A classic served at big bonfire nights on a plastic plate which everyone loves so if you’re having a party of your own why not serve your pie and peas on plastic plates, it will also mean less washing up! Garden peas or mushy peas? Either is great but here is a recipe for minty mushy peas from BBC Good Food that will give a kick to this classic.


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With the heat of a roaring bonfire and soup in a mug you are sure to warm up in no time and with this recipe for spicy parsnip soup you’ll get that little extra heat to send sparks flying. This recipe serves 4 however if you are using smaller cups it will stretch to many more if you plan on entertaining a large group.


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This ginger delight is a great one to make, it only takes 15 minutes to prepare and although it takes 1 hour in the oven, the result is delicious especially if you have a piece whilst it is still warm. This cake is a huge explosion of flavours that will conclude a great end to to a fun evening of food and fireworks.


Recipe can be found on BBC Good Food

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