Thirsty Thursday Delights

For many of us, the weekend starts today and that can only mean one thing, Thirsty Thursday! Whether you enjoy a lovely glass of wine, a nice cold pint or a cheeky cocktail, we know that after a long week, your choice of drink is a well deserved one.

Here at My Appliances we have been discussing our favourite drinks and different twists we like to do with them. One thing we all agreed on is mixing our favourite drinks with delicious ingredients to make mouth-watering cakes and delights. So why not start the weekend early by making these Thirsty Thursday treats for yourself…


Drunken Apple Cake

There is nothing more delicious than the satisfying flavours of cake and soft cooked apple slices, so why not make this even better by adding a touch of rum to enjoy this delicious cake even more. This recipe is a simple cake batter mixture and with the apple and rum it gives an amazing extra touch for a great Thursday treat.


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Bailey’s Chocolate Mug Cake

Many cakes containing alcohol need over 1 hour in the oven, so if you want a quick recipe then this Bailey’s chocolate mug cake is just the thing to make. It only take 1 ½ minutes to heat in the microwave and with little preparation time you can enjoy this yummy pud in no time. Who doesn’t like the mixture of creamy Bailey’s mixed with the rich taste of chocolate?


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Margarita Cake

If you’re after something that includes a classic cocktail drink, then this recipe of Margarita cake is just the one for you. A nice light cake with the hint of lime and tequila will tingle your taste buds and make you want more and more. It is a great centre piece as well if you twist slices of lime on top of a creamy white icing.


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Guinness Chocolate Cake

This is one for men who love an extra cold glass of Guinness to start the weekend early. Why not save that glass and put it in a scrumptious Guinness chocolate cheesecake. This is the sort of cake that is so rich you will only need a slither, but if you are anything like us the small slice just won’t be enough! Top this cake off with some chocolate shavings for a nice finish if you are doing this for a dinner party.


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Gin and Tonic Tart

A gin and tonic is a great drink to start a Thirsty Thursday with and instead of having just an ordinary drink why not try these delicious gin and tonic tarts. Whether you want to make this dessert in individual tart cases for a dinner party or one large tart, you are guaranteed to please, because who doesn’t like the citrusy taste of a lemon tart mixed with the sharpness of this popular spirit?


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Refreshing limoncello cake

Limoncello is a lovely liquer usually enjoyed after a meal with friends. So why not mix it with your dessert and make a Limoncello cake? This particular recipe makes one big cake however, putting the cake batter into individual casings will work well after a meal to enjoy just like you would a small glass of the good stuff.


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