Can You Get Built In Gas Ovens?

Gas ovens had been a popular cooking choice for many years – in fact in many instances they were the most popular choice. The popularity of gas ovens has diminished somewhat as the years have passed, with many people opting for the relative simplicity of built in electric ovens. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Electric ovens are easier to install as they do not require a gas supply.
  • It is easier and cheaper to reroute an electric socket to place an oven where you like than it is to reroute gas pipes.
  • Built in gas ovens can be a bit more expensive than built in electric ovens.
  • More houses are being built without the required infrastructure for gas.

All of these are valid points, but there are advantages to a built in gas oven.

  • Food cooked in a gas oven keeps moist, generally oven cooked dishes are better when cooked in a gas oven.
  • You have better control with gas as the effect of turning the heat up or down is more immediate. Electric ovens heat up and cool down much slower than gas ovens.
  • Gas ovens are more energy efficient due to their faster reactions for heating and cooling.
  • Overall, the running costs can be significantly lower.
  • Lower maintenance costs.
  • They can be ore durable as they tend to be more simplistic in build, with little or no ‘circuitry’.
  • They are dependable.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to opt for a built in gas oven over a built in electric oven. If you do want to take advantage of these benefits we have some good news – you can get built in gas ovens!

Of course, this is dependant on you having a gas supply already. Having a gas supply fitted maybe impractical for some people in which case an electric oven would be the best option. However, if you do have a gas supply already then the installation of a built in gas oven should be no more complicated for a qualified installer than connecting the oven to the supply. It is important that a Gas Safe engineer carries this out, we would not recommend gas ovens as a DIY option. Gas ovens are much safer these days, our built in gas ovens have built in safety features such as a flame safety device which stops the gas if it detects that the flame has been extinguished. This should counter any perceived ‘risk’ of cooking with gas as such safety features will prevent any gas leaks.

Size wise, built in gas ovens tend to have the same dimensions as built in electric ovens, so no need to redesign your entire kitchen to fit it in. They can also offer more cooking space, as the oven cavities do not have heating elements or other components that you would get inside an electric oven.

Here at MyAppliances, we have a selection of great value and excellent quality built in gas ovens.

If you love to cook and want the best out of your food, we would definitely recommend that you take another look at cooking with gas!