Why choose built in appliances?

If you want a seamless, sophisticated look in your kitchen then integrated appliances are a great option. Fully integrated appliances will have the same style door as the rest of your kitchen, blending with the rest of the design and although these types of appliances are a little more expensive than freestanding ones, they add considerable value to a kitchen and give you that fully fitted look.

Integrated appliances are now very popular due to the trend towards a crisp, clean minimalist look and having all the appliances hidden away from view adds to the clean lines and contemporary look.

A lot of people ask me….”Is a built in model just a freestanding one with a door in front’?

This is a common misconception and it’s not actually true. Built In models are specifically designed to use the enclosed space, so they have slightly different internal dimensions and specifications. However, you can usually get the same great features whichever you choose, so there’s no reason to think you will lose functionality if you buy an integrated version.

Just because an appliance is hidden from view it does not mean that you should always select the cheapest model, as you should think about what features you want, and where the appliances are to be positioned so that you can gain easy access.

A new kitchen with integrated appliances is a great investment for your home and well worth the time in choosing the right one for your needs and if done properly will add value to your home.

Turn your unloved room from the mundane into marvellous!