Top 8 Winter Warmers

Gone are the long summer days where BBQs and Pimms were the hot topic of conversation. We are all now preparing ourselves for the cold months by dusting off the cobwebs from woolly jumpers and turning the heating on. But one good thing does come from rainy days and that’s great winter warmer dishes.

Here is a rundown of our favourites that we just can’t wait to tuck into…

Stew and Dumplings

Stew and dumplings is a classic meal that many of us have eaten for years. It is a meal that will warm your heart on a cold winter’s evening, which is so simple to make. It can be cooked in a slow cooker for you to sit back under a blanket and not have to worry about standing over a stove. A hearty meal for everyone to enjoy!


For a great Stew and Dumplings recipe visit


Not only will a nice chicken and potato casserole warm you up but it will also keep the pesky winter germs at bay. Hot steamy stock teamed with veg and chicken goes down a treat when you want to stay healthy throughout the cold season. This one pot dish also means less washing up of pots and pans and more time spent watching Christmas TV!


For a beautiful Casserole recipe visit

Roast Dinner

In some houses roast dinners seem to disappear in the summer and then with great gusto return to fill homes with loving smells of roast potatoes and gravy. Although a roast dinner can take a few hours to prepare which can put some people off, for others it’s the perfect way to spend a Sunday. Get the whole family stuck in and what’s even better, the left overs can be used the next day for scrummy sandwiches and moreish meals!

Roast Beef

To get the best roast beef recipe visit BBC Good Food here


Now a curry is something you can enjoy whatever the weather, with all the trimmings a curry dinner is a great sharing meal where the whole family can get stuck into. Why not make a curry with your left over roast dinner meats whilst your clothes dry over the radiator?


Enjoy a lovely home-style chicken curry by following this recipe here


Soups are excellent and so easy to make. For the winter there is nothing better than a French Onion or Veggie soup to have around a roaring fire whilst swapping your stories from the day with your family. Soup is best when it is accompanied by a large crusty role or a thick slice of bread. You could also try a tear and share with your family to dip into your warm bowl of happiness.


A great warming French Onion soup recipe can be found on BBC Good Food here

Coq au Vin

Coq Au Vin is a brilliant French classic dish to make if you are having friends around on a winters night. Taking that little extra time in preparing the food will make it all the more worth while and although it is a one pot dish, it can still wow your guests with rich and succulent flavours. Whilst the money is tight around the Christmas months, why not use chicken thighs instead of breasts?

Coq Au Vin

For a mouth-watering Coq Au Vin recipe please go here

Shepherds/Cottage Pie

Shepherds and Cottage Pie is a simple dish for families to dig into and you are more than likely to start the debate; is it a Shepherd’s pie or a Cottage pie? Many debate it’s to do with the types of vegetables that go into each however the very simple difference is Shepherd’s pie is made with lamb mince and beef mince is used in a Cottage pie. Whichever of these two lovely dishes you decide to make why not put a twist on the dish by thinly slicing the potato on top, cover with cheese and lightly spray with oil for a more scrumptious taste!

Shepherd's Pie

A scrummy Shepherds Pie recipe can be found here


Who doesn’t like slicing into a puff pastry pie filled with scrummy delights to cheer you up after a long day? Whatever the filling, a pie always goes down well, enough said.


Take slice of this delicious chicken and mushroom pie by following this recipe


So go ahead and start looking at some mouth-watering recipes and look forward to those rainy nights in!

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