Cooking with Kids: Some Hints & Tips

Like to keep a spic and span kitchen at all times? The fact is, if you let your kids loose in the space, it won’t stay that way for long. That said, who cares about a little bit of mess; if your little ones are having fun – and developing a new skill or two in the process – isn’t that really all that matters?

With that in mind, pull out an extra chair or two and grab a spare apron this weekend. Your kids will love the chance to get involved by helping you either prepare the evening’s family meal or whip something up of their very own.


To help you when it comes to creating your own little at-home cookery school, we’ve scoured the Internet to bring you some relatively simple recipes even the smallest of hands can have a go at. Read on…

Veg and Cheese Rolls

veg-cheese-rollsThe BBC Good Food site rarely disappoints when it comes to quick and easy recipes – and this one for veg cheese rolls in no exception. Taking just 25 minutes to prepare, these relatively healthy rolls cook in just over half an hour and taste just lovely!

Making six miniature savoury bites, the recipe is simple enough for your little ones to get a lot out of; they can grate carrots, beetroot and cheese, as well as fill up the pastry with the fillings.

Cheesy Bread Recipe

Another recipe worth a try with your children is this cheesy bread method we spotted via the Great British Chefs site. Moulded into a fun penguin shape, these hunks of bread provide a nice and easy intro to bread making. Give them a go ahead of a family buffet or picnic; they’re easier to make than they look.

Fairy Cakes


Ah we do love Mary Berry here on the My Appliances blog! And we just had to share with you this recipe for her fairy cakes, as it’s one of the easiest to follow online. Plus, kids just love making fairy cakes, especially when it comes to choosing the toppings and decorating the mini buns themselves.

And Now for a Few Tips…

Of course, cooking with kids isn’t without its drawbacks! You might have an extra pair of hands in the kitchen but it’s another person to watch while the stove’s going or the cooker’s on full blast. Keep that in mind, as well as these top tips for ensuring it’s a positive and fun experience for your little one:

Plan! – Don’t promise the kids an afternoon cooking if you’re not sure you have all the ingredients in you’ll need. Doing so will only lead to disappointed faces or, worse still, tantrums.

Take Your Time – Everything will take a little longer if you’re cooking with kids, so make sure you set aside some extra time to get things done.

Choose Age-appropriate Recipes – Always choose a recipe or two that’s easy enough to manage for your mini helper. Remember: above all, it needs to be a fun experience. After all, you could well be encouraging the culinary talents of the next Gordon Ramsay or Nigella Lawson here!

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