Cool Kitchen Hacks to Try Today

You’ve read page upon Internet page of cool life ‘hacks’, each one extolling the virtues of some quirky and clever way to do just about anything. And all with one purpose: to make the everyday grind seem, well…less of a grind. Isn’t that what it’s all about; small, simple changes that make all the difference?!

Except – and it’s got to be said – the life hacks you see on other sites are rarely straight-forward. They tend to involve you heading down to the nearest homeware shop to pick up a dozen storage boxes, emptying the kitchen clutter onto the floor and later finding you just don’t have the energy to actually sort it out #lifehackfail

So, what do you do? You turn to the blog here at My Appliances, as today we’re bringing you some achievable kitchen hacks – because, well, you’ve got to start somewhere.

We aren’t about to ask you to create some Art Attack-style storage contraption that’s about as useful as a chocolate teapot, though. Instead, we’re offering easy life ‘hacks’ you can actually try today. Here are just a few of them:

Start with Your Pans


If you’re going to start somewhere in the kitchen, pans are where it’s at. We bet you have more than a few lurking around in that awkward, hard-to-reach cupboard or drawer? Go on, admit it.

So, why not free them from the dusty depths of your work cupboards and use any available space you have on your walls instead. All you’ll need is a few carefully-placed hooks, as since above – and voila, all your pan-related nightmares are no more!

When Life Gives You Lemons…


…make use of them! Who knew they had so many benefits, other than a pretty welcome accompaniment to your Friday night gin and tonic?!¬†Well, they do now.

Slice a lemon into small pieces and then freeze the chunks in vinegar. Now, run the lemon-vinegar-soaked cubes through your outdoor or indoor rubbish bins every now and again to keep bags smelling fresh. Just make sure you give the bin itself a good clean every few days, too. You can even use lemon (along with a sprinkle or two of salt) to clean your wooden chopping boards – give it a go!

Think Outside the Box


Short on storage? Think outside the (storage) box and see what in your kitchen will double up as a handy place to store things.

Who knew tomatoes (above) could look this good draped over a retro weighing scale, for example? Choose items you don’t use so often and make the most of them; old rustic, wooden crates make great places to store veg, while a shutter door could prove ideal for displaying all manner of kitchen bits and bobs.

And finally…

Don’t Underestimate the Power of…

the humble kitchen label.

Not only is it sensible to label up your food and preserves, it looks good too. There’s something very satisfying about seeing a line-up of homemade jams featuring equally homemade labels, isn’t there? Go on, you know you want to break out the label maker…


Until next time…

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