Three Kitchen Cleaning Hacks You’ll Love

Have you been keeping an eye on our blog lately? If you’re the King (or Queen) of the kitchen, you won’t miss a trick when it comes to cool tips and tricks to make your life in the hub of your home both smooth and stress-free.

It’s the very reason we put together one of our latest pieces, which features cool kitchen hacks you’ll definitely want to try. And because we know you loved that article, we’re bringing you another post which focuses on three ways to make the most of the items you have in your home.

This week, we’re talking about everyday essentials which could double up as handy cleaning implements and ingredients to help you maintain sparkly kitchen tops and utensils. Here’s how:

Try Baking Soda

An ‘old wives’ favourite, baking soda can be used for all sorts of things around the house – and if time is limited and you can’t rush down to the shop for some cleaning supplies, it’ll do a great job of making your kitchen surfaces look as good as new, too.

Simply sprinkle the ingredient onto a damp cloth, wipe your worktops and then rinse with clean water. Plus, you can also add a small bowl of baking soda to the fridge or freezer to eradicate any unpleasant smells – this is especially useful if you’ve left an old block of cheese in there a little too long!


Got Some Vinegar?

When it comes to stains, especially on burnt pans, it’s tempting to scrub like mad with a scourer or washing up brush. But we’ll say this: don’t; doing so will only damage your pans. Instead, try a natural solution involving – you guessed it – vinegar.

Put a liberal amount of the chip shop staple into the pan, making sure it covers the bottom and sides. Then, simply leave it overnight and wipe lightly in the morning with hot water and a scouring pad or sponge.



The Spice is Right

Now, this one’s less a cleaning tip and more a quick and easy you can ensure your home always smells clean and fresh ahead of a visit from friends and family.

Simply add a couple of cinnamon sticks to a decorative vase or jar and leave it open on a kitchen top a few hours before guests arrive. Not only will it look great but it’s a cheap and quick way of getting rid of any food odours.

On the cleaning front, you can also whip up a natural, antimicrobial cleaning spray for your kitchen tops and cupboards.

Using a spray bottle, add 8 oz of distilled water and 8 0z of distilled white vinegar. Next, pop in 16 drops of cinnamon cassia essential oil and then simply spray, wipe and you’re done!



So you see, with a little bit of thought there’s really no need to head to the supermarket to stock up on supplies.

Try these cleaning hacks and discover if, going forwards, you can also take a more natural approach to keeping your house spic and span.

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