How to Cope with Clutter in the Kitchen: Some Tips

Some of us are neat freaks and some of us are clutter fiends; that’s just the way the world works. Unfortunately, kitchens are notoriously hard to keep under control for all of us, and there isn’t always time in the day to keep ensure things are spick and span.

While we could spend every spare moment wiping down surfaces and sorting out the junk mail pile, it would be much better to wave a magic wand and clean the whole kitchen in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, we can’t offer you a magic wand. But, what we can do, is give you our best tips on keeping the kitchen clutter-free, and show you some of the gadgets we’ve been using in our homes to keep the messy gremlins at bay!

Give Everything in Your Kitchen a ‘Home’

We don’t mean that you need a tiny little kennel for your cutlery. For this to work, you need to find a specific place for everything in your kitchen to live, and you need to make sure it returns there, day after day.

Don’t use that stand mixer often? Pop it in a cupboard. That’s its home now.

Loads of loose change on the kitchen countertops? Grab a jar and pop it in there. Once you’ve found places for things to be, it’ll feel much easier to make sure you keep tidying them away once you’ve finished with them.

Use Your Fruit Bowl as a…Fruit Bowl!

How many pens are in your fruit bowl? Or used batteries? Or elastic bands? Or hair bobbles? Or school trip forms?

Using the first tip, put everything that’s in there that isn’t fruit away in its own space – or bin it. Your kitchen will immediately look cleaner and tidier, and you’ll even feel like eating more fruit! (Well, maybe.)

Replace Your Cooker Hood

If your kitchen is looking a little dated, it can add to the feeling of untidiness. One of the main culprits is an old cooker hood. They can collect dust and grime very easily and if you’ve recently decorated, can date your kitchen too.

Downdraft hoods are sleek, sophisticated and slot right back into the cooker or countertop once you’re done, giving you the tidy cooking space you’ve always wanted.

Give in – Get a Dishwasher.

Yes, you said you’d encourage the kids to wash up after every meal, and yes, you said you’d keep on top of it yourself…but look what’s happened. Washing up is nobody’s favourite chore and we all know there are hundreds of things you’d rather be doing.

Dishwashers aren’t as expensive as you think, and there are models to suit every kitchen, from tabletop dishwashers to integrated dishwashers that fit right into your kitchen.

Have a Clear-out

If you really feel like tidying your kitchen is an impossible task, it’s time to have a good clear-out. Start in one cupboard and be ruthless – get rid of everything you don’t use anymore, from old crockery to the pasta maker you got for Christmas three years ago.

Having the space to store things makes a huge difference, and a clearout will help you feel more in control.

For more information about our space-saving, clutter-busting appliances, or to find out how you can improve your kitchen with us, take a look at our pack deals.

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