How to Create the Perfect Family Kitchen: Our Advice

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, so it’s not surprising that it’s most of our customers’ dreams to build a multi-purpose room that brings food, comfort and socialising together in one big happy space.

It’s not an easy task, but with a few handy hacks it can be done on budget and in less time than you think. Take a look at some of our tips to get inspired, and you could have your dream family kitchen ready for family dinners, gatherings and parties in next to no time.

Zone Your Kitchen

If you suffer from ‘everything everywhere’ syndrome, your kitchen might be easier to take care of and keep tidy if you separate each area into zones.

You can even do this in smaller kitchens; simply think about what you use the room for the most and re-arrange all the appliances, cutlery and utensils to accommodate those specific areas.

Some great ideas for zoning that not only keep things tidy but can even save prep time in busy school mornings include:

  • turning your breakfast bar into a sandwich-making bar. Keep everyone’s packed lunches in one part of the kitchen, and they can create a conveyor belt of orderly snacks at the busiest time of day.
  • creating a cooking zone. Hang pots and pans near the cooker and keep utensils near. This stops unnecessary cookery clutter building up all over the kitchen.
  • making a cleaning station. We’ve all got a kitchen sink cupboard that we don’t want to open. Give it a clear out, then use it to keep all of your cleaning products, sponges and dustpan and brushes together. It’ll stop you from buying things you don’t need, and by putting a safety lock on it, will keep little hands away from dangerous liquids.

Get A Kitchen Table That Earns Its Keep

There is nothing more valuable in a family kitchen than a sturdy dining table. Our advice is to get one that can open out to accommodate even more people, and get one as large as you dare.

The average kitchen table goes through a lot in its lifetime, from being used as a desk for homework and art projects, to being put through its paces as a potting table, DIY workbench, sewing and crafts station. Sometimes, they even get used for eating at. Imagine that!

Choose The Right Sink

It sounds crazy, but choosing the right sink can make all the difference in a busy family kitchen.

While ceramic sinks are beautiful and timeless, stainless steel is hard-wearing, and granite is easy to clean and hard to damage. What’s more, choosing a double sink means having an area to rinse vegetables in, and double the space for cleaning.

Take a look at our tap and sink packs for more inspiration, many of which have lifetime guarantees.

Reduce Wastage With A Warming Drawer

Anyone with teenagers will understand the plight of the cold dinner.

Whether your other half is late home from the office or your kids are out late at swimming lessons, if you’ve worked hard to bake a delicious macaroni cheese, it deserves better than to go cold waiting for them to get home.

A warming drawer is the perfect solution to keep food at an ideal, safe serving temperature – and it’s also good for proving dough and warming plates up too.

We love working with you to create the family kitchens of your dreams. Take a look at our pack deal offers to see what you could achieve on a budget. Don’t forget to join the conversation on Facebook, too.

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