Easy Christmas Cocktails to Try this Month

Want to throw a Christmas soiree to be proud of this December? Whether you’re relaxing at home with your immediate family or hosting a big house party, these festive-inspired cocktails (which you can make minus alcohol, too) won’t go amiss – throughout December and beyond. Read on for our top suggestions, as well as links to how to make them…

Classic Mulled Wine

Some might not say this is a cocktail, but we certainly think it is! It’s fancier than a standard glass of red wine anyway, isn’t it? Sure, you can buy a bottle of mulled wine from the supermarket; we say make it yourself – it’s not as difficult as you think. Pop over to the BBC Good Food site for the full recipe.

Top tip: Designated driver? Make a non-alcoholic version with a non-alcoholic wine.

Hot Toddy

Warm up with a hot toddy this winter; we love the sound of this one, which combines whiskey with honey, lemon, cinnamon and cloves. Packing a punch in terms of flavour and great for winter house parties, this is for those who don’t enjoy a mulled wine, yet still fancy something with a kick.

Top tip: Have a cold or sore throat? Make yourself a hot toddy, minus the alcohol. Or make one without the booze if you’ve opted not to drink.

Blended Frostbite Martini

This winter cocktail is inspired by icy blizzards, making it perfect for this time of year. Cold yet smooth, this refreshing drink provides a Christmassy twist on a pina colada. For the full list of ingredients and the how-to guide, head here. The cocktail includes coconut cream, Blue Curaçao and white rum.

Don’t like the sound of the recipe above? Make a standard martini and add a drop of blue food colouring and a festive decoration, as below.

Gingerbread Martini

Love the taste and smell of gingerbread? If so, you’ll want to try this gingerbread martini (again, you could make a non-alcoholic version), which is featured over on the Taste website.

The cocktail, which we’re renaming The Yummiest-sounding Drink Around, contains spiced caramel sauce, vodka and Baileys Irish cream liqueur. It’s topped with gingerbread men, too, so it’s basically a pudding in a glass.


What’s ginsecco, we hear you ask! We’re sure you’ve already worked it out, but it’s a combination of gin and prosecco. To make this cocktail, you’ll need plenty of crushed ice, cloudy apple juice, elderflower cordial, gin, a cinnamon stick, prosecco, and thinly-sliced apple. Head to the Taste site again for the full recipe and give this cocktail a try this festive season.

Will you be making any of these cocktails for yourself – or your guests – over Christmas? Let us know by commenting on this blog post, below.

Remember: please drink responsibly – over the Christmas period and in general. Don’t forget, too, that all these cocktails can be made without alcohol – just make up your own flavour combinations and stay sober – and safe – this festive season.

Until next time…