Christmas Gift Ideas, Homemade By You

Racking your brain trying to find the right gift for the special foodie in your life? We’ve got you covered! We’ve got a range of gift ideas sure to foster your special person’s culinary inclinations. From easy recipe ideas to spices that’ll help them out in the kitchen, here are some foodie gift ideas…

A Food Subscription Box

For the foodie who believes that variety is the spice of life, surprise them with a food subscription service. You’ll be glad to know there’s no shortage of the types of food subscription boxes out there. Monthly mocktails? Snacks from different countries? Desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth? There’s always something for all tastes.

The fun thing about these subscription boxes is that most have the option to pick and choose what goes into a monthly box. Or you can let the options be totally random. You could treat them to a one-off box (many subscription services let you pause or cancel the boxes, as you wish) or go all-out with a six-month or 12-month box.

Cake in a Jar

Maybe your foodie lives far away from you, or you otherwise can’t justify gifting them an entire cake. Make things easier on yourself by whipping up a cake in a jar, perfect for wrapping up in a box or adding to a gift bag and hand-delivering your creation in person. You can even have fun decorating the jar with ribbon, glitter and anything else that suits your fancy.

Not only do cakes in jars look undeniably pretty, thanks to all those layers, but they’re ridiculously easy to make. Just check out this recipe if you don’t believe us.  

Homemade Jam

Homemade jam operates under the same premise as cake in a jar: pretty to look at and easy enough to make.

It isn’t all that difficult to make jam, either! Pick your poison – er, your berry or fruit – and get to jamming out. The jam-making process can be rather involved, depending on the type of preserves you want to make, but it’ll all be well worth it in the end. Try this strawberry jam recipe out for size.

Spice Set

What foodie doesn’t love a dish bursting with flavour? It may be daunting, however, creating a dish for them that suits their palate.

Enter the spice set, a way to let your foodie express themselves through their cooking. Who doesn’t appreciate an array of eye-catching (and mouth-watering) spices that will hopefully last for quite a while and season many dishes? Spices truly are the gift that keeps on giving.

If your foodie prefers baking, you can present them with a set of cinnamon, nutmeg and star anise. Do they love fiery hot spices? Then an array of tongue-scorching chilli powders is sure to excite them.

Freshly-Made Bread

Once again, homemade is the way to go when it comes to gifts. In this case, bread makes an excellent present for the bread lovers out there. Plus, bread really is a doddle to make, even for first timers. You can go for a classic (and easy) white bread recipe, or you can try different types of breads based on the occasion.

If it’s Christmastime, why not bake them a festive spiced loaf? Or, if you’ve got a combination cheese and bread lover, you can bake them a lovely cheese loaf.

We hope we could inspire you with some gift ideas for your special foodie!

Until next time…