First Aid Kit-chen: Some Tips

“Ouch!” Sunburn? Been stung by a bee? Or perhaps you have a pesky zit that simply won’t budge. Believe it or not, your kitchen is a first aid kit in itself. There may be no need to dash to the chemist and pick up some after-sun where your sunburn’s concerned. Neither will you definitely need to consult a chemist if you think a bee has taken its frustrations out on you. The answer could be lurking in your cupboards.

It’s the reason we’ve named this blog post ‘First Aid Kit-chen’, as there’s lots of medicinal wonders in your own home. Read on to find out what you can use for the some of the most common complaints…


That natural sweetener you’ve been drizzling on your yoghurt is actually a great wound-healing ingredient. That’s right; honey has a powerful antibacterial action – and has been used in medicine for over 5,000 years. According to Medical News Today, honey might be able to help heal burns. The article paraphrases a review published in The Cochrane Library, which indicates this fact.

It says: “The lead author of the study said that “topical honey is cheaper than other interventions, notably oral antibiotics which are often used and may have other deleterious side effects.”

So, the next time you’ve been burned by the sun, try slathering some good quality honey on it. It may just do the trick and soothe the sting. It’s also believed that honey may help relieve the soreness from a bee sting. Worth a try, eh?


Feeling sick? Ginger is used by health fans everywhere for its ability to rid you of that nauseous feeling. Live Science backs up this claim, suggesting: “The underground stems of the ginger plant are used for cooking and medicinal purposes. In Asia, ginger is used to treat stomach aches, nausea, and diarrhea. Ginger extract is found in many dietary supplements sold in the United States for digestive ailments.”

Why not try it in a tea? Or grate a little fresh ginger onto your cereal or porridge and see if it helps.

Natural Yoghurt

It’s time to turn to your kitchen again…this time for natural yoghurt. Fling open those fridge doors and grab a pot if you’re suffering with sunburn, as honey isn’t the only thing that can help.

Cosmopolitan agrees, offering this tip: “Apply cold yogurt on your burn for 10 minutes to help your sunburned skin heal.” The article also suggests lots of other natural remedies for sore, sunburned skin – click the link above to discover what they are.

Baking Soda

Baking soda…most of us have it in our cupboard, but did you know it can be used to relieve acne? We’re hopping on over to Medical News Today again, as they offer up this interesting insight on the ingredient:

“Baking soda may help reduce acne breakouts and manage pain and inflammation of the skin due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties…”

The website does advise you to proceed with caution, though – as baking soda can strip the skin of its natural oils. Try it in a face mask (you’ll find the recipe via the link above) and see if it improves your breakouts. Don’t forget to let us know how you get on.

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