Replacing Your Kitchen Appliances: A Guide

When you buy your kitchen appliances, the general rule of thumb is to buy well and therefore replace and repair far less often. However, in a busy family kitchen, appliances like microwaves, grills and washing machines are put under serious pressure as a result of constant use.

In some cases, it takes more than careful use and professional repairs to keep your kitchen working like clockwork. Just like the brakes on your car, the most useful items in your kitchen will need to be replaced in order to work well and remain safe to use.

There are some rules you should always stick to when it comes to all kitchen appliances:

  • If there are any safety concerns with any appliance in your kitchen – for example a faulty switch or flickering control panel, you should definitely consider replacing it
  • The 50/50 rule: if your appliance is halfway through its lifespan (according to its guarantee) and the cost of repairing it is more than half the cost of just buying a new one, it’s almost definitely worth going ahead and buying a new one.

When it comes to specific appliances however, there are other things to consider. Here are our tips on when to replace yours.

When to Replace Your Fridge and Freezer

If your fridge is a combination fridge/freezer and it’s less than seven years old, it’s well worth trying to have it repaired by a professional.

If your fridge is a stand-alone model and it’s causing you problems, consider calculating how inefficient it is and weighing up whether buying a new one would save you money in the long-run. This is surprisingly often the case.

The same applies for built-in models, but it’s worth considering the additional cost and inconvenience of replacing cupboard doors, fixtures and cabinets etc.


When to Replace Your Hob or Stove Top

If you have a gas hob or stove top, you can rest assured that it should last problem-free for around 11 to 15 years.

Knowing when to replace a stove or hob is easy – you get a new one when it’s no longer feasible or practical to continue repairing it. There is a safety issue at stake here – and if you leave a hob top in disrepair it could start a fire. If a professional electrician or certified repair person says they’ve done all they can, it’s time to get yourself a brand new hob.

When to Replace Your Washing Machine and Tumble Dryer

Washing machines and tumble dryers are expected to have a lifespan of between eight and 11 years, meaning you’ll get plenty of washes out of these workhorses!

If problems start to occur, it’s very important to have them looked at by a professional as soon as possible. Water and electricity are not a great mix, and can cause serious electrocution – and even fires.

Of course, most problems with washing machines come from faults with their seals or pipes, which are easily fixed by someone who knows what they’re doing. But as with all appliances, if it’ll cost more to repair than to replace, it’s well worth buying a new one and having a decade of fuss-free use instead.


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