Five Kitchen Gadgets That’ll Make Cooking Easier

We get it; life can be tough. As well as running a household and making sure the kids are in fresh, clean clothes day in, day out, you’ve got to somehow find time for a social life. Oh, and remember to sleep!  There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day, does there?

So how would you feel if we told you that you could easily – and relatively quickly, too – claw back a few of those much-needed minutes and hours and, you know, put them into something you really get enjoyment from?

The fact is, few of us love slaving over a hot stove, which is why we’re bringing you this very article. It features five gadgets that’ll make cooking even easier in a bid to make your life simpler too. Read on…


If you’ve ever envied those friends who always seem to have a deliciously hearty stew or a tasty curry (much like the one above) on the table at 6pm on the dot, perhaps they’re not letting you in on the fact they have help. Introducing your new favourite kitchen gadget…

The Slow Cooker

slow cookerOkay, so slow cookers aren’t a particularly new invention but they’re still amongst the most-used gadgets in the kitchen. Technology might be moving on but there’s no denying that this nifty little accessory – no matter how bulky – is a saviour in stew pot form.

Simply chuck all your ingredients in before you set off for work and come home to a perfectly-cooked evening meal.

The Spiralizer


A favourite of celebs like Millie Macintosh, the spiralizer turns courgette and other veg into long, spaghetti-like strands. You then simply replace your usual pasta or potatoes with the courgette you’ve ‘spiralized’ – and voila, a healthy, nutritious evening meal with very minimal effort.

The Electric Hob



So much easier to clean than a gas hob, the flat, smooth electric hob is perfect for time-poor parents or professionals who just want to wipe and go following mealtimes.

Need a new splashback or hood too? Take a look here on the My Appliances site and kit out your kitchen in no time.

The Freestanding Mixer

kitchen aidNot since TV’s The Great British Bake Off first aired on our screens has whipping up a sponge cake been quite so popular a pastime. And now you can make a batch of fairy cakes with the kids quickly and easily thanks to a freestanding mixer like the one you see above.

Mixers like this are so handy you can be doing the washing up while they’re doing their thing by adding air into your cakes – perfect!

The ‘Smarter’ Kettle

smarter kettle

There’s a reason this kettle’s got ‘Smart’ in its name and it’s because it’s one of the most intelligent gadgets out there. Connect it to your phone and you can turn it on via WiFi – you don’t even need to get up out of your chair; just set it off boiling while you’re watching Corrie and it’ll be to temperature by the advert break.

Like what you see here? Don’t forget to take a good look around the My Appliances blog in general; there’s plenty more useful kitchen advice where this came from!


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