Five Quick and Easy Spring Salads to Try

We don’t know about you, but this mini heatwave we’re currently enjoying here in Yorkshire is making us want to say a big, fat ‘no’ to hot meals and a big ‘yes please’ to something a lot lighter. But lighter doesn’t have to mean less tasty – not when you have these recipes at your fingertips, anyway.

So, we’ve trawled the Internet to bring you five of our favourites, because when the sun has got his hat on, we very much want to ‘get our salad on’. Yep, that isn’t an expression…but there you go, we’ve coined it! Read on…

Spring Salad with Watercress Dressing

Watercress, you say? It may seem a little uninspiring but trust us on this one! This spring salad comes with a watercress dressing that is tasty with a capital ‘T’. The recipe is courtesy of the BBC Good Food website and the salad itself is really easy to put together.

Asparagus, Goats’ Cheese and Hazelnut Salad

Mmm, goats’ cheese – it’s just yum, isn’t it? And now you can have it in a relatively guilt-free evening meal, thanks to an asparagus, hazelnut and goats’ cheese concoction we think you’ll love. You’ll find the recipe on the Stylist site, along with nine others where that one came from. Salad for days, we tell you! We can’t wait to give this one a go…

Strawberry Walnut Salad

Strawberries are reserved for mousse, aren’t they? And Walnuts for cake? Think again! Sumptuous Living has the ingredients and method for a strawberry and walnut-based salad (just head over here) – and while you will need to convert the US measurements into their UK counterparts (a quick Google will help you on that front), it’s otherwise an absolute doddle.

Courgette Noodle Olive Salad

Cutting down on carbs? Make noodles from courgettes and you’ll be laughing! This olive and courgette noodle salad (on the Red online site) is the perfect accompaniment to your evening meal; whip it up as a starter or serve with a little focaccia bread – and enjoy!

You can get a special gadget that’ll turn your courgette into spaghetti – did you know? Why not try this salad this week and see if you can enjoy a lighter meal and a lighter you in the coming weeks? After all, no one enjoys that post-pasta bloated feeling, do they?

Asparagus, French Beans and Chilli Salad

Like your salads to come with a little bit of kick? This blog pairs asparagus with chilli in a delicious, spring salad that’s absolutely made for this glorious weather. If you fancy a few more carbs with your meal, serve your salad alongside a slice or two of homemade, rustic pizza. Oh, go on…

Will you be saying no to your usual oven-cooked favourite tonight, then? Or kicking that trusty microwave meal into touch?

Don’t forget to let us know if you try any of these salads this week or next; you can say hello over on Facebook or Twitter. Make sure you also keep an eye on our blog for more recipes like these. And do comment below if you’d like to see something specific on our blog.

Until next time…

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