Food Prep with Kids: 5-a-Day the Fun Way

Struggling to get your little ones to eat their greens? Practically have to force feed them fruit? There is an answer – and it doesn’t have to be refusing to let them leave the dinner table until they’ve munched every last morsel.

So, what is it then?

It’s simple: make food preparation fun – where fruit and veg is concerned, at least – and your kids will soon be swapping crisps and biscuits for strawberries and kiwis. Don’t believe us? Just try one of these three recipes and we guarantee clean plates all round!

Frozen Berry Yoghurt Pops


Like the look of the fruity ice lollies you see above? You can now make some just like them thanks to the BBC Good Food site, which has created its own take on the sweet treats you see above via its frozen berry and ginger nut yoghurt pops recipe.

If you’ve got a lolly mould (you can pick these up cheaply from supermarkets) you’re already half way there! Now, simply make the shopping experience fun and inject a bit of excitement into food prep, too. Kids will love preparing and chopping the fruit and the real buzz comes when they unveil the frozen goodies from their moulds – yum!

Fruit Smoothies


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There are plenty of tasty treats via the Fresh for Kids site – and we love this one, which turns papaya and banana into a delicious post-school drink. If your little ones return home feeling parched, you can easily whip them up one of these – and they’ll love getting involved too. Just grab your fruit of choice – you could mix up the ingredients a little to create your very own smoothie – and get blending.

Why not fill your blender to the top and line up a few drinks in tumblers in the fridge? That’s breakfast sorted for the next few days at least. A great way to start the day, smoothies are packed with vitamins and are delicious too.

Easy Peasy Kebabs


Planning a barbecue for friends this summer? Recruit a helper or two (i.e. your kids!) and get everything ready well ahead of time. One of the easiest things to prepare – and one that your little ones will enjoy having a hand in – is kebabs.

Prepare them in advance of your soiree and they’ll be ready to fling on the barbecue once everyone arrives. Older kids can help by chopping veg to size, while younger kids can help by selecting the right ingredients in the supermarket, or skewering pieces onto kebab sticks. You can even ensure five different vegetables are added to each skewer, for a little variety and colour.

How do you get the recommended five-a-day into your kids’ diet? Do you have your own ingenious ways of ensuring they stay healthy this summer and beyond? Don’t forget to let us know by commenting below. In the meantime, join the conversation on the My Appliances Facebook page or say hello over on Twitter.

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