Halloween Bakes for the Kids

Nothing tops trick-or-treat sweets — except for Halloween-themed bakes and snacks, that is!

This Halloween, whip up a scarily good treat or several for the kids with these ghoulishly great recipe ideas, guaranteed to bring a smile (and a fright) to anyone. You can even let your kids in on the baking fun by getting them involved in preparing these.

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Pumpkin Bakewell Spider Web Tart

We’re starting this list off with a nice blend of tradition and creativity. The classic cherry Bakewell gets a Halloween-themed update in this pumpkin Bakewell tart recipe. The spider web design is certain to be the focal point of any Halloween party, so the time and patience that goes into creating it will be well worth it.

Frankenstein Family Treats

Get the whole family involved in the making of these frightfully fun Frankenstein family treats. Easy to make, this recipe calls for just sugar cookie or shortbread dough. Green frosting serves as the Frankenstein skin colour, while brown icing and candy pieces can be used to add hair, eyes and other accessories to each ‘face.’ Have fun with seeing who can make the most realistic self-portrait!

Pretzel Candy Spiderwebs

Spiderwebs make another appearance on the list, this time in an even more creative format. These sweet and salty pretzel candy spiderwebs are an absolute doddle to make, so your kids can join you in putting this together. All you need are pretzel sticks, candy coating, Halloween-themed hundreds-and-thousands and chocolate chips. The hardest part about this recipe is waiting for the sweets to harden in the fridge!

Halloween Mocktail Punch

Setting up a Halloween party for the kids? Don’t forget the punch! We recommend this Halloween mocktail punch recipe, in which lychee transforms into scary eyeballs and ordinary powder-free disposable gloves are used to make creepy-looking ice. In other words, chilling in more ways than one. This is sure to be a hit with the little ones.

Pumpkin Spice Brownies

Looking for something that says ‘Halloween’ with little to no effort at all? Or perhaps you’re looking for something a little less spooky? Look no further than these pumpkin spice brownies. Filled with warming spices and decadent chocolate, these brownies are the perfect treat to serve up this autumn, especially during spooky season.

Dipped Treats

If you want a clever way to use up leftover Halloween sweets, you can melt it all down and create some dipped treats. Try your hand at making delightfully sweet candy bark, or opt for making chocolate-covered pretzels and biscuits. Making dipped treats is oh so simple, but the options are endless!

Have a look here for a fuss-free walkthrough to creating dipped treats.

Witch Hat Cupcake Cones

We’re ending this list with a recipe that will no doubt impress your friends and family. This witch hat cupcake cone recipe combines ice cream cones, cake mix, chocolate cookies and a whole lot of colourful icing to create a spooky (and tasty) collection of witch hats. Serve up these treats with some jelly spiders scattered around them for full creepy effect.

We hope you’ll be giving these Halloween treat ideas a try this year! 

Until next time…