Hosting a Party? Our Summer Wine Pairing Tips

With summer well and truly on the way – the weather’s certainly been getting warmer, anyway – our thoughts here at My Appliances are turning to barbecues and outdoor soirees. And why not, eh? We bet more than a few of you are thinking the very same and putting plans in place to get your friends round for some fine food – and wine.

So if you’re planning on throwing a barbecue or dinner party, what are the best summer wine pairings out there? We’re bringing you this blog to let you in on some of our top tips – and to also remind you that we’re currently teaming up with the folks over at Naked Wines to give you a £60 voucher to spend on your favourite bottles when you buy a wine cooler from us.

In the meantime, perhaps you’re looking for some much-needed inspiration when it comes to the kind of wine you’ll choose? Let us help you…

A Touch of Fruit
You really can’t go wrong with a nice, fruity drop of white wine. Look for bottles with a hint of pear, peach or melon; they’re just perfect for summer barbecues or a few alfresco nibbles following your evening meal.
Full or Medium-bodied and Bursting with Flavour
If you’re barbecuing beef or lamb, look for a full-bodied wine which is absolutely jam-packed with flavour. Go for oaked, intense, concentrated red wine if you’re serving up lamb, or a spicy, peppery warming blend if you’re going for something more hearty, like a casserole – ideal if the rain threatens to take the fun indoors and you decide to swap sausages with stew!
Cooking pasta? Go for something simple yet delicate – red is generally best, and it also goes perfectly with steak, too. The tip is to choose your red wine based on how lean the steak is – and don’t forget to check out our blog on cooking a cut of fillet, ribeye or sirloin!
While we’re on the subject of sirloin actually, it works really well with a glass of medium-bodied, fruity red wine, while ribeye will be best with an oaked, concentrated red wine.
A Delicate Blend
If seafood’s on the menu at your barbecue or dinner party, the general rule of thumb is to choose wines based on the weight or type of fish you’re cooking. In this instance, seafood can be divided into ‘delicate’ fish’ or ‘heavier fish’.
If yours is the former – haddock, sushi, halibut are just three that fall into this category – go for a dry and equally delicate white wine. Meanwhile, fish like smoked trout and sole are also perfectly paired with aromatic dry wines, or even a dry, herbaceous-tasting blend.
For the ‘heavier’ fish like sea bass, tuna or salmon, try a good, medium-bodied, fruity red – you can thank us later.
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