Trend: Cool and Convenient Kitchen Gadgets

When you’re at home, do you spend the majority of your free time in the kitchen? If you’re nodding right about now, then the chances are you like your cooking space to be cool, convenient and absolutely packed with handy kitchen gadgets. We guessed right, didn’t we? Honestly, we must be telepathic…


And because we know most of the people who stumble upon our blog or the My Appliances site are gadget-mad, we’ve compiled some of our best picks from around the Internet. Get ready – there’s a lot and we can’t promise you that you won’t want them all!

This Spartan Knife Holder



If you’re handy with a block or two of wood and a few tools, you can even make your own kitchen gadgets – who’d have thought it? Head to this blog to find out just how you can create this Spartan knife holder, which is both cool and functional.

These Magic Wand Salt and Pepper Shakers



Create food magic every day, with these black and white wands from Amazon. Costing less than a tenner, they’re a great gift for a keen cook and they’d look just lovely in your utensils pot. Go on, you know they would.

This Cool Ice Cream Maker


Imagine having the sheer power to make ice cream at home – and at anytime of day. You can do just that with this ice cream maker, which costs a little under £40 from Lakeland and ensures after-dinner dessert will never be the same again. Fact: nothing tastes better than homemade ice cream.

This Waffle Maker


We’re pretty much drooling at the prospect of the delicious treats we could whip up with this waffle maker. Also from Lakeland, this has got to be the best money you ever spend in the kitchen.

This Fancy Freestanding Mixer


The mother of all kitchen gadgets, the freestanding mixer has been made popular thanks to shows like The Great British Bake Off – and this KitchenAid one is a real stunner.

This Machine Which Turns Veg into Pasta – Yes, Really!

CaptureSpiralizing is the new ‘in’ way to eat veg like courgette and carrot; you simply twirl it into spaghetti-shaped pieces and eat it in place of pasta. Healthy and fun – and you can do it quickly and easily with this handy machine.

This Slice of Nostalgia




Love slush? Who doesn’t?! It reminds you of childhood and/or summer holidays. And guess what? You can enjoy one or the other whenever you want, thanks to this retro-style slush maker.

This Swanky Pizza Maker



Wow, just wow! You can whip up pizzas from home via this rotating pizza maker from Find Me a Gift – we love it!

This Perfect Accompaniment to that Pizza Maker


Pasta makers might be hard to master when it comes to creating perfect sheets of pasta that won’t stick together in the pan, but they’re lots of fun all the same.

These Wine Coolers

wine cooler

And if you’re looking to keep your wine cold ahead of tucking into that pizza or pasta, what you need is a wine cooler. View the full range here on the My Appliances site; we’re also running an offer at the moment, too: buy a wine cooler and get a £60 voucher to spend at Naked Wines. Can’t be bad, eh?

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